Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

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Tonight we're having a hot pot dinner. Sister-in-Law has a mild and spicy side. I just move whatever I want to eat over from the mild to the spicy side... Because she's native Chinese, I won't recognize half of the stuff that's in the pot...

My brother and sister-in-law invited a couple over to share the hot pot. We had Mandarin, Spanish, and English going on between us to try and understand each other. It was fun. Earlier I went to church with my sister-in-law. While the sermon was shared in Mandarin the preacher's wife tried her best to translate for me. So I'm listening to Mandarin in one ear and a very rough translation to English in the other ear... and that was very exhausting, but the translator meant well. I was invited to give my testimony next time I'm in town and they'll translate to Mandarin while I'm speaking.
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Youngest daughter's youngest son's three littles have their birthdays all very close, so Mommy decided it would be a big bash all at once for the three.... we had a whole bunch of different appies and our main event was... hot dogs with all kinds of different fixin's.... of course.... then 3 different cakes.... I had 2 peanut butter cookies instead. Boy that hot dog tasted good.... I haven't had a good hot dog for a long time. It's just a lot of fun for me to sit back and watch all the littles play.... there was 8 of them all under 6.

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Ohhhhh I'm stuffed! I went to Applebee's for a free lunch today: Oriental Chicken Salad and a bowl of French Onion Soup. Then my neighbor and I went to Golden Corral for a free supper tonight: Sirloin Steak, Chicken Wing, Baked Potato, Brussels Sprouts, a tiny salad, a spoonful each of coleslaw and peaches and for dessert, I had some chocolate pudding.


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Here it's I don't know what for the kids, something like cheeseburger or pasta ragu, for the grown ups it's risotto as mushroomy as possible.... Followed by.... Mince pies, which should take the tally since September to 130... (none eaten by ds, who hates them!!)

Let me just state, I have not eaten all 130 myself lol...

Kids starting with the usual salad starter, cherry toms, cucumber, carrot sticks, red pepper...
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I keep saying I m going to go through my cookbooks and try as many new recipes as possible, just to get out of my "rut".
I figure if I have to stay here for a while before the rapture, I may as well try some new things that I've always wanted to try, but haven't.
But, for today, once again, I'll probably fix an old stand-by. I think my chicken, artichoke, kalmata olives, mushrooms, capers and alfredo sauce pasta casserole. It's really easy, very yummy, and goes together quickly. Definitely comfort food...........


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We got Johnsonville Italian sausages out of the freezer to cook tonight with beets.

I have a biopsy on the inside of my palm by the thumb on my right hand this afternoon. I don't know if I'll be typing for a few days so don't anyone worry if I'm uncharacteristically quiet. It's nothing much, just general housekeeping on a weird patch. But they are taking it all so I won't know till afterwards how it will affect my typing. I might not want to type for a day or two.

It SNOWED this morning, it's gorgeous looking but slippy. The ambulances were busy during rush hour this morning so I presume a few people were not ready for winter driving conditions.