Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?


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Yesterday I went into the deli to get their Chicken Enchilada casserole. Kinda like an enchilada lasagne. Well, he only has a little bit left, so since he only had a little, he took that, threw in some of his meat loaf and rigatoni pasta and a had a great meal. Man, that guy is really good.


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Disappointed to find that Boston Market frozen pot pies are no longer in freezer cases at Stater Brothers and Ralph's markets. It almost looks like B.M. is closing out their frozen foods............altho I can't be sure. I'll try Albertson's next. Any other pot pie I've tried has really upset my stomach.............but not Boston Market's. Boo-hoo. Such great, easy comfort food with cool weather coming, now it's not available.

Tonight? KFC chicken breasts and potato salad and ????

ETA: Found two ears of corn in the fridge to go with the above!!!!
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Huge blessings on the birth of your great grandson, Bernice!

Tonight I'll reheat our roast beef, brown gravy, rice and green beans

I'm pooped. We have carpeting in our bedroom and it has been needing shampooing for a while now so that's what I did. I have one of those Hoover rug shampooer and it is hard just to manipulate that thing! My back is sore and I'm just so glad I got it over and done with.


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Another invite out... my oldest son Dennis invited me over for turkey noodle soup that he was making with home made noodles....... we all know he doesn't cook.... his wife and I just say sure and then he chuckles.
There was home made turkey noodle soup with homemade noodles.... real yummy... fresh made buns with lots of butter... and I got to take a couple buns home and a piece of lemon meringue pie. I am so Thankful for all my kids and all the invites I get for all the yummy foods they cook. Patsy is thankful too... she likes to sniff everything I eat and if it pleases her will take the sample.... have you ever heard of a dog that likes sauerkraut???? she


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Last night I baked a chicken with carrots, oninos and garlic cloves around it in the pan. Seasoned the chicken with salt, black pepper, ground sage, thyme, and garlic powder. So tonight I made Basmati rice, then cut up the chicken breast and re-heated it in with the carrots and onions and garlic, and threw in some leftover green beans for color. There was enough juice from the chicken last night to go with the veggies and that was served over the rice. Really yummy and healthy.


Congratulations Bernice!

Last night was pork roast with baked sweet potato topped with butter and cinnamon. Applesauce to go with. More chocolate cake for dh. Tonight will be leftover pork roast with sauerkraut and butternut squash. Chocolate cake for dh.

Was raining cats and dogs this morning but I managed to get the grocery shopping done anyway. The nice carry out boy held an umbrella over me and the grocery cart and loaded the car for me. Love the south!