Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?


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Mystery leftover items from the freezer are tonight's supper. lol I'm pretty sure one container is chicken veggie soup and a small zip lock bag does for sure have some mini muffins. The other covered dish appears to be some kind of meat but just not sure yet. lol
I love it! LOL!

Gonna get a pot of spaghetti sauce going because I just don't want to think about it,.....just wanna get 'er done if ya know what I mean.


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My youngest daughter Liana's Birthday today.... heading to their place later for a pizza party. I can't believe my baby is 55... boy that makes me feel old...

We had home made pizza, super high with lots of cheeses and meats and veggies on top, but for starters we had crab dip and chips or crackers, made by other granny, and then we had those small garlicy ribs.... boy were they good... and 2 kinds of cake.... there was 3 celebrating their birthdays..

Happy Fall everyone:
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I can't believe my baby is 55... boy that makes me feel old.
Bernice, my oldest is 55 and the youngest is 51. You are right, it makes me feel old too! lol But I love living near him and his wife.

As it turns out, the soup was really good, maybe better than when I first made it and there was enough for us both. What I thought was mystery meat turned out to be some kind of casserole that we didn't need. I might just toss it out.