Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?


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Oh yes our Margery loves playing on words for sure!

I have a pound of ground chuck and so far nothing seems to be popping in my head. hmmmmm....I just may do fat juicy cheeseburgers and Mike will love that as much or more than a steak. I have some huge baking potatoes so could do that in place of french fries.

Lord bless my sisters and brothers today...all the way up to their eyeballs in blessings!


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LOL Margery, you come up with the best names for things. I did have to look twice at that to be sure you were not setting off on a mountain climbing expedition. :D
I can't lay claim to that phrase, it was a homeschool mum who wrote a book about the perils of homeschooling amidst household chaos and how she overcame it all, ignorant children who resisted learning AND Mt Washmore. I just loved that term.

And we got half the laundry done, and went off to vote in our federal election in the advance voting polls for people expecting to be out of the country on voting day. We will just be getting back home, but we wanted to make sure we did our part in preventing Justin Trudeau's wild aspirations to be a second term PM of Canada. We will see how that goes!

Leftover sausages on salad. Low carb and pretty good too.


We have some leftover Italian sausage and peppers and some left over chicken marsala from the night before so will be having some combo of that with a cinnamon roll for dh.

This morning was grocery shopping followed by some banking followed by water aerobics and a class on handling dementia patients this afternoon so kind of a busy day. Oh and I might also be helping my dil move some things around depending on whether she needs it done today. Whew! lol


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Last night we had KFC chicken breasts, corn on the cob, and a very nicely doctored stuffing mix. We added sauteed celery and onion (in butter) and dried cranberries. YUM!!! Tonight may be a Panda Express run.

NOPE!!! We're gonna have breakfast for dinner tonight instead. Sausage links, scramble eggs and toast............
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Well we are having pork ribs that we got on this morning's shopping expedition along with cucumbers.

This morning was grocery shopping and a dreaded event that occurs every 2-3 years or so-- shopping for George's pants. Packing helped him see that they are all in bad shape now, and we need to go SHOPPPPPPPPINNGGGG!!!! :eek::eek::eek:

He only does this under extreme duress, so it's a bit trying for both of us. Dockers is his brand, but they are not all made equally so I can't just go pick some up for him to try at home or I would.

And Sears used to be our store for this epic because they had lots of Dockers and they had BEV my favourite lady in the mens wear.

She could get us in and out with another 6 pair for the next 2 years in HALF AN HOUR. But Sears is long gone now.

Today we went into Moore's (Canadian mens wear store) and on Friday they have a 2 for 1 sale, so they are holding 6 for us now to pick up on Friday's sale. He approved, the price is half off the 90$ regular price and more in line with what we used to pay for pants. It took a bit longer, but eventually the nice young man serving us got the picture that G hates shopping and the less hoo haa the better. Snap it up with the tape measure and get cracking, don't waste time trying to sell G on the latest greatest.

Break out the classic Jurassic Dockers, and get er DONE MAN!

Anybody shopping for the men noticed a HUGE GINORMOUS PRICE HIKE???? I used to budget about 60$ for pants and felt blessed when Costco had a not so good quality Dockers brand for 30$ (Canadian prices) and finding a sale was great but rarely happens when G feels up to doing man shopping. And I haven't seen them at Costco for about 3-4 years now.

Anyways, I'm tired out, but we are all happy and on Friday we pick up Georges pants for the next 2-3 years and I hope that we are all long gone in the Rapture before the next epic adventure of this sort with my best beloved.


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Feeling much better today, but rainy again, so sleepy. Fried me up a half of a pork steak in bite size pieces with 2 huge garlic cloves and then added my ingredients for teriyaki sauce to go over the left over rice in the fridge which I heated in the mic. Anyone interested in my recipe for teriyaki sauce , it's real simple. 1, 1, 1, again of sugar, vinegar, soya sauce. If that is too strong for you,just add the same of water, thicken with a slurry of corn starch and a bit of water.. have teriyaki sauce for whatever meat you might like. Patsy even liked the pork steak. Another option for your sauce could be pineapple chunks and bite size pieces of onion. Hugs around the table.