Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?


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I feel like I've gotten in such a rut ........... fixing the same things over and over. I had to for a while, due to Deb's stomach issues.
But, she is able to eat almost normally now, so I think I am going to do a major search of my cookbooks and come up with some new dishes to prepare. I'll let you know if I come up with anything really good. I've kind of given up on Pinterest, as most of their stuff doesn't really seem to be healthy..........

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We usually have that on Tuesdays with rice and beans next door to my building.
I've learned to make some pretty tasty carnitas, but also enjoy searching out hole in the wall Tacquerias when traveling where I always order carnitas or tacos de carnitas. I remember one place, I think it was in Phoenix... I was a bit concerned about going in to the Tacqueria because there were a bunch of gang-looking types hanging around in front of the place. I was hungry enough to overcome my concerns, and their carnitas were so good that I ventured back a few more times while I was in the area. No restaurants serve carnitas in my town :(

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I took my elderly former neighbor to do some errands all morning, and she treated me to some KFC. I've been craving some for the longest time, and she has as well. Now I'm stuffed, so I'll skip supper tonight and settle for a nice helping of orange sherbet.


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Doing some major work, taking everything out of cabinets and cleaning shelves. I am only about a third of the way done. So it's gonna be a hamburger patty and some baked macaroni that is put up in the freezer.

My house smells like bleach...not very appetizing
Well Susan, perhaps not appetizing but lovely and clean. Maybe it's the old RN in me, but I do love a good fresh bouquet of Chlorox! it's refreshing in it's own way. :lol

Tonight it's one of the meat birds that our dd and her dh raised. Roast chicken.

And we have had more good news re Hannah! She saw the specialist in Kelowna and her hips are doing great. PRAISING GOD!