Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

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Lunch was Long John Silvers, for me fish/shrimp combo platter with coleslaw(was great!) hushpuppies & fries, for DW chicken planks combo, everything was fresh, tasty and service was great considering 1 employee cooking and 1 employee running front counter, delivering outside to drive through customers , and serving indoor patrons. Gave them a great tip, the employee running her b$%# off had a wonderful personality and being stressed with lunch crowd did not show it once, was cheerful to all. She was so thankful and said the $$ would help with food for her kids and said the cook would probably blow his on fireworks :lol


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I love going to Baileys Market.

We picked up the vegetables and have cooked some of them. We noticed that they seem to have expanded the "nursery" part of the place. They lots of flowers and stuff there. After we drop my car off at the dealer tomorrow morning, I think we are going back by there to look at the flowers again. The seem to have more than Home Depot. :eek :lol

They have a lot and we were too tired the other day to look around.