Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?


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I found these really delicious pre-made chicken meatballs one in teriyaki pineapple and the other in cranberry jalepeno at Costco. Unfortunately, they're out of stock and I can't get them anymore. From what I've read, they may be seasonal items that only come out around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I looked up recipes for something similar to the cranberry jalapeno ones and tried making them. They were okay, but didn't taste like the ones from Costco.


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I've got a small pork roast thawing, so there's that and coleslaw. Applesauce in snack cups to go with the pork roast.

News last night was talking more regulations that will reduce the number of truckers bringing supplies so this morning George went to Costco and stocked up on eggs. Along with bed linens that I want to replace cause our stuff is getting pretty worn out and why not, before the price goes up further, and the trucker situation means that we are in shortages again, so frivolities like bed linen, pillows and mattress pads are non existent at any price.

I won't break into them till holes happen (I wash pillows regularly) but now I feel more secure. :lol


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We've stocked up on some stuff we normally would not, just in case. Was surprised that our Sam's Club had NO EGGs on Monday. Not sure if that is their delivery day, or due to the holiday, or what.
around here eggs is the new toilet paper! Before everyone gags I need to qualify that.

TP doesn't disappear too much (at the front end of the plague it did, and occasionally since but it's not too bad right now and I have 2 unbroken cases on hand)-- probably because our province makes the stuff and exports it to everywhere.

But eggs are the very first "twitch o meter" indication that people are feeling twitchy about supply issues.

Our leftist bimbo bunch of govt is going head to head with the truckers and truckers as a whole are not inclined to be flexible when you cross their personal lines of what they will and won't put up with. I am on the side of the truckers. But I am thinking that our supply chain is going to be worse than usual.

Day before yesterday I got in some cabbage along with other long keepers. And that bunch of eggs today. By a bunch I mean 6 dozen. Usually I don't let it go below 3 dozen, but now my signal to buy more is breaking into my 6 dozen.