Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?


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You haven't eaten there either?!?!? :faint2 Goodness don't you all know what you're missing?!?

I'm assuming you've all seen Tim Hawkins - "Cracker Barrel" but if not please go to Youtube right away, pull it up, and watch. It's just 3 minutes. Hilarious and SO TRUE! Then while you're at it watch his 1.5 minutes on "Have You Eaten?" I love Tim Hawkins! :p
Tim Hawkins is really funny, and will watch the youtube when I get the chance. Dinner is Captain D's today is senior citizen day 2 piece fish dinners with green beans & ham, fries, Jeff-hush puppies(2), Janice-a breadstick and drinks.


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Was lazy today and onto a new healthy eating regimen. Breakfast, oatmeal with 10 blackberries. Lunch was beet greens, cauliflower fried rice and cut up leftover turkey, stir fried it all together and then added my homemade hot sauce.

Dinner, I made Turkey Congee. Very delicious.


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We finished the leftovers from our Sunday turkey dinner last night. I think I'm ready for a simply salad with some chicken strips or shrimp added.
And, some RL cheese biscuits from the freezer. Deb is going to run some errands today, so I'll have her pick up some lettuce while she's out............