Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?


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Hey y'all can you freeze milk and have it still be good when it thaws?
I put milk into the plastic food storage containers (pint size) leaving an inch or so at the top before clamping down the lid, and then label the kind of milk (whole milk or heavy whipping cream), the Brand name, and the date I put it in the freezer.
To thaw it, I put it in refrigerator overnight. I use it for making milk kefir or for recipes that call for milk. Since we live too far from a grocery store that carries the brand of milk I prefer to use for kefir making, freezing milk is a way to always have some on hand.


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Mac wants spanish rice tonight.

He went to mow the lawn and the motor on his Troy Bilt destroyed itself and tried to catch on fire so he went to Lowes and got a new riding mower. It's a John Deer this time. He also bought a new water heater. I hope that is it for the big stuff for some years to come.


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We saw a BBQ demonstration on the local news this morning, so tracked the place down and ordered brisket, smoked turkey and wings. The place was sooo busy but we waited patiently. Got home and hubs announced the turkey was 'pure salt' and he can't eat it. I found the brisket to be good but nothing special. Lots of food going in the freezer for another day. He did however, like their mac and cheese.