Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?


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I'm making some oven fry chicken tonight, with broccoli on the side. The decreased thyroid dosage is given me the fatigue again. I'm back to carefully planning my energy use from bathing, and getting dressed to housework and meals. It's how I always get around it. Turtle speed, full steam ahead. In 6 weeks I can revisit the dosage with the dr, but he goes by the lab levels and those don't work well for me. I may be able to talk him into letting me see the endocrinologist again, and they are a little more fly by the seat of the pants, and listen to the symptoms, not just the lab results than the gps have to be.

Bernice are you doing any better now that your iron was infused a few weeks back? Or still having some troubles? The heat down your way is strong. We have air conditioning in the apartment which helps and it's cooled down to 28 right now at almost 3 pm Kamloops time, (83 F) with a hot dry breeze blowing outside.


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Bernice are you doing any better now that your iron was infused a few weeks back? Or still having some troubles? The heat down your way is strong. We have air conditioning in the apartment which helps and it's cooled down to 28 right now at almost 3 pm Kamloops time, (83 F) with a hot dry breeze blowing outside.
Was scheduled for 6 infusions ….. had one before the virus hit..... postponed 3 during the virus.... then was getting so tired and weak figured it was worth my while to chance not being quarantined any more and get one of the infusions... now after 2, still not much difference in energy or stamina.... Dr. and nurses say it takes about 4 or 5 before a person notices any difference.... hoping the next one this month will give me a bit of a difference in energy and not being so tired all the time... 3 to get yet.
Yes, our heat was horrid... but it is summer and I thank God for my central air.... it's *79f right now and is a breather from what we had all last week... hugs
Tonight gonna cook a little.... steamed pork dumplings, fried potato with a little onion and coleslaw left over from yesterday.

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Just curious, do you bake your Toll House cookies from scratch/follow the directions on the back of a bag of chocolate chips? Or do you get the prepared dough? The former method, is better, but I have to give it to the men and women who created toll house cookie dough in the refrigerated section... it is still very good and far simpler.
From scratch using the recipe (butter version) on the back of the Nestle's Morsels bag, except no nuts, and most of the ingredients are organic, including the 70 or 85 percent cacao chocolate chips (no soy) (depends on what I've been able to get). I can't eat the Nestle's Morsels because they have soy :eek

It only takes a few minutes to make the dough and then chill overnight before baking. Unless we're out, and then I have to bake some for that meal with the dough not being chilled (they end up flat, so I try to stay ahead so we usually have lumpy cookies). BTW, they freeze really well, so I package exactly what is needed for a meal in little zip loc baggies and freeze whatever won't be used in a few days and refrigerate what will be :smile If warm out of the oven is desired and it's not cookie baking night, they can be warmed in a warming temp (not baking temp) oven for about 20-30 seconds. No microwave

The pre-made dough has *ingredients* :eek I cleaned up my parents' diet and have been trying to keep all our diets as clean as possible, without getting ridiculous or depriving.

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Papa John's told me I had a $10 credit that was about to expire so I reckon I'll use it towards Tuesdays TwoFor on a couple of pepperoni pizzas. 25 years ago I loved Papa John's pizza. The crust was delicious and the sauce was unique and tasty. It's not the same pizza today as it was 25 years ago but it'll make for an inexpensive dinner tonight with that $10 credit and the TwoFor special that the local Papa John's has on Tuesdays. I'll order double pepperoni but will have to go to the store and get some pepperoni to add to the toppings that Papa John's puts on it because they've gotten kind of possessive of their pepperoni and don't seem willing to put much on a pizza these days... When you order double pepperoni they proudly state that they add 30% more... which means they're shorting you 70% since you're paying for the topping twice when you order double pepperoni...


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Warming up sliced roast beef and gravy straight from Susan's freezer. I've got a 10 lb bag of potatoes I need to use so we'll have them mashed. I think I still have some green peas in the freezer but then I may have used them all the other day when I fried rice:unsure

Hugs back atcha AH!


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Have you ever tried to revive a recipe that you have lost and been forced to actually call on your culinary talents to make up the difference? That is basically what I am going to do either tonight or tomorrow night.

Rosemary Chicken. Basically, Chicken breast cut into 3/4 inch cubes sauteed in butter and olive oil until mostly done. Remove chicken from pan. Hopefully there will be some fond. Throw 1 or two crushed garlic cloves in there, mix it around, but before they turn brown, deglaze with half a glass of dry white wine. Then, add chicken stock and 1-2 tablespoons of chopped rosemary... boil down a bit, and then add cream. Boil down a little more, check for seasoning, Then add a pat of cold butter, whisking constantly. When it is the right consistency, add the chicken (and juices) back into the pan, mix and coat, and hope it comes out ok.

Garnish it with a whole Rosemary Sprig.

Pair it with Jasmine rice and sweet peas.

At least that is the plan.

Has anyone else here ever had the heartbreak of once having an AWESOME recipe but lost it?
No, but I feel for you.


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Never made the burgers and really don't feel like them tonight either. :confused:
Some nights are like that. You plan and then nah, it just doesn't seem fitting somehow.

Well last nights chicken was nice-- lots for lunch for a couple of days, and George says he wants to BBQ a steak for dinner so steak and salad. We went to Walmart for salad fixings this morning and cherries and strawberries just leaped into the cart. One is for dessert tonight.