Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

Discussion in 'Anything Goes Coffee Shop' started by mbrown1219, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. mbrown1219

    mbrown1219 Heaven's Stables

    We are having navy bean soup with a hambone and salt pork for seasoning!

    I hope you will all share your menus and your recipes (when asked for one)!

    Bon appetit!
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  2. livin_in_the_Son

    livin_in_the_Son Well-Known Member

    We're going to have breaded chicken breast, biscuits, and some kind of veggies and fruit. (haven't decided yet) It's just me and the kids so nothing extravagant.

    On the same topic, I saw a recipe for "chicken fried chicken"...why not just call it fried chicken? People will do anything to sound original. :hehheh
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  3. araj54

    araj54 Well-Known Member

    Yum is right. Just finished a batch of navy bean soup.
    Making a pot of Al's Norwegian Chili today. :nod

    3/4 pound smoked sausage (cut in small pieces)
    ½ small onion
    2 garlic clove, minced
    1 can (15-1/2 ounces) kidney beans, rinsed and drained
    1 can (15 ounces) chili beans, not drained
    1 can (14-1/2 ounces) diced tomatoes, undrained
    10 oz. Beef boullion (I mix my own from Orrington Farms granules)
    1 tsp. Chili powder
    1/3 tsp ground cumin
    black pepper to taste
    ½ tsp garlic salt
    Serve with shredded cheese if desired.
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  4. anath

    anath I Love the Lord

    Mike started a pot of spaghetti sauce late this morning. He waits for timeouts from the games( during the commercials) to walk in the kitchen to stir or to taste. I haven't checked but it looks ready to eat to me. Guess he's waiting on halftime :cookiemonster:
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  5. pln4287

    pln4287 Well-Known Member

    Ham bone with navy beans - my favorite. My hubby doesn't like when I eat them though.:doh:
  6. mbrown1219

    mbrown1219 Heaven's Stables

  7. Kem

    Kem Citizen

    BBQ sauce on pork ribs done in the crockpot. Baked sweet potato and green salad.
  8. livin_in_the_Son

    livin_in_the_Son Well-Known Member

    Ooh, I adore ribs! :)whisper: I don't really like sweet potatoes though)
  9. araj54

    araj54 Well-Known Member

    :heythere None for you and 2 for me. :hyper: I love sweet potatoes. And ribs. Yummy.
  10. Patiently...

    Patiently... Well-Known Member

    I can see this thread is going to be dangerous. Everything sounds delicious!
    I think I'll go find something to eat!
  11. vmoon

    vmoon Well-Known Member

    Matthew and I just had hotdogs cooked on the grill. :lol:
  12. iSong6:3

    iSong6:3 Well-Known Member

    I believe I'll invite myself over to someone else's house here to eat! :lol:
  13. livin_in_the_Son

    livin_in_the_Son Well-Known Member

    Hot dogs are good too. Wrap them in bacon and top with coleslaw. Yum!
  14. araj54

    araj54 Well-Known Member

    A 72 yo Jewish neighbor came over and shared my chili. I guess he liked it, because he took a bowl home for later.
  15. anath

    anath I Love the Lord

    How sweet you are!
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  16. ReadyforSupper

    ReadyforSupper Well-Known Member

    We're having exactly the same thing except we're having pinto beans instead of navy and add a pan of cornbread!

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  17. anath

    anath I Love the Lord

    That did it! Gotta have some pinto beans and cornbread. The weather people are calling for a 30% chance of some snow(flakes) Friday. A pot of beans will be great on a cold winter day.
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  18. mbrown1219

    mbrown1219 Heaven's Stables

    We have so much ham left, sooooo.....

    It will be ham, mac and cheese (homemade, baked in the oven), some kind of veggie, plus apples for dessert fried in butter, with brown sugar and water added and cooked down to pie filling consistency, but skipping the pie crust! Perhaps will serve a la mode with vanilla ice cream though. It is spring-like weather here in Tucson, after all! Not too cold for ice cream.
  19. Kem

    Kem Citizen

    Tonight is meatloaf, mashed potatoes, snow peas and green salad. Maybe chocolate pudding for dessert.
  20. anath

    anath I Love the Lord

    Had a busy day bathing my 5 kitties. Gonna do something easy and fast....I'm thinking tacos

    About my cats, 2 of them let me blow dry them. One is a deaf Turkish Angora who absolutely loves the nice warm air and another one who does hear, took her cues from the deaf cat and decided there was no harm in the dryer. Even tho the noise tends to make her a little nervous, she will sit still until she is dry. Ok back to topic...........
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