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The following rules apply to Rapture Forums' registered members.
We want to ensure we have a pleasant time together and so we need to establish some fundamental rules.
This board is like entering a private home whereby you honor your hosts by respecting their household rules.
The purpose of this board is to provide a safe haven for the sheep of the body of Jesus Christ and a witnessing testimony to the world.
These rules can be modified at anytime.
If you agree with our list below you can post in Rapture Forums:

[01] No Inappropriate language or pictures of cursing, cussing, foul, rude, crude words, or materials, including websites or videos. No slang such as OMG, Geez, Sheesh, etc.

[02] No graphic posts, pictures, news articles, or links to violence, nudity, nor semi-nude photos or videos. No posting sexual stories, gruesome crimes, horror stories, nor any other sin sick related stories, this type of information is not the objective of this board, we recognize we are living in the last 'Days of Noah' and sin abounds. If you are struggling with sexual sin and want help from members here, there is no need to be explicit - remember, this is a family board - if you want to ask for prayer, then you can do so without going into detail. If you feel the need to talk through your sexual problems, then there are other places designed to deal with this. RF is not the place to do it. Some things are best dealt with in private.
Matthew 24:37-38 It's too late in the battle to entertain rubbish. Keep it clean.
Philippians 4:8 Finally, my brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are right, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there is any virtue and if there is any praise, think on these things.

[03] No blasphemy of the Holy Spirit in mocking God, His character, or using God's name in vain. God is referred to as God and/or Jehovah, Yahweh, etc.... When discussing Allah we refer to the Muslim god, not the Jewish/Christian God of the Old and New testament.

[04] Defend the Faith and God's infallible Word, not the ways of the world, homosexuality, liberalism, socialism, false translations, false theologies such as Mysticism, Liturgical sacraments, deceptive cults, or other heresies. We believe in only one true gospel of saving grace through faith in one Jesus Christ alone in His shed blood for our atonement, Old Testament looked forward to God's provision of the sacrifice, New Testament looks back to God's provision of the sacrifice. Do not promote, two gospels, hyper Dispensationalism, Arminianism, Calvinism, hyper-Calvinism, adding good works of Lordship Salvation, Ecumenical Interfaith, KJV Onlyism, nor other ideologies of religious legalism. We do not support "Gap theories" and/or other evolution type of arguments. Do not play 'devil's advocate' for the sake of argument.

[05] Do not promote unscriptural ideologies. We believe in and support the Old and New Testament alone for our Christian faith. No extra writings added. Do not attack the Christian faith in the guise of "wanting to learn", for entertainment purposes of arguments and debates. For atheists: No need to post an "Ask me a Question" thread. If we want to ask an atheist we will go to an atheist site. Atheists or unbelievers are to restrict their posting to the apologetics forum only. Do not condone or promote violence. Do not promote insurrection propaganda or fear based threads on FEMA camps and other government conspiracies. Our primary focus is current news regarding biblical prophecy.

[06] Do not promote false teachings , false prophets, rapture date-setting, Bible prophecy sensationalism, heretical movements, paganism, ritualism, Hebrew Roots, Two-House, Ten Lost Tribes, Old Earth, Third Wave Latter Rain, Words of Faith (WOF), Words of Knowledge (WOK), extra-Biblical teachings from tele-preachers, John Wimber's Vineyard teachings, Dominion theology, Soul Sleep, Signs & Wonders, Gospel to the Stars, the Mazzaroth, Toronto Blessings, Mike Bickle's I.H.O.Prayer, 7th Day (Sabbath) keeping, liturgy of works and practices for obtaining and maintaining salvation, Eucharist, Lordship Salvation, Annihilationism, Universalism, Calvinism, Arminianism, predestination, catechisms (RCC and their offshoots), Ecumenism, baptismal regeneration, prayers for the dead, false scriptures such as the Pseudepigrapha , Apocrypha, Book of Mormon, Bible codes, Ufology, Inccubi, Succubi, OSnAS, Angelic procreation and cloning, demon seeds, or any other extra-Biblical preoccupations with demonic and extrasensory beliefs. Do not post from tele-teachers entangled in any of the above such as TBN, Perry Stone, Jesse Duplantis, Alex Jones, Todd Bentley, J. R. Church, Rick Warren, Don Piper - "90 Minutes in Heaven", FiveDoves, Coo Thomas, Sid Roth, Mark Biltz, Walid Shoebat, etc. Do not promote keeping old testament Mosaic law (but we are also not antinomianists for we believe in obedience to Jesus)

[07] No Dream threads or threads supporting 'Words of Knowledge', WOF, Angel or Ghost sightings, Rapture dreams or prophetic visions, Words of Faith, Bible Codes, personal spiritual encounters, astrology, star gazing, Rapture trumpet sounds, the Hebrew zodiac, Jesus comets, personal messages or words from God, personal letters from Jesus, self perceived signs of future events, unique events perceived as signs from God, personal prophecies, cloud formations, Holy Laughter, psychic abilities, trips to heaven or hell and back, or any other subjective experiences that suggest these observations are common Christian experiences. We encourage you to study and read from God's Word and keep a credible appearance before the watching world. (II Timothy 2:15) Dream threads spiral down into subjective vain reasonings and will be closed or removed.

[08] Do not promote immoral or ungodly materials or links. This board is a family-friendly Christian Fellowship board. We strive to provide a place for Christians to fellowship without offense

[09] Please do not use the following links as news sources for reporting breaking news or other material:

Christian Science Monitor
Charisma News
Before It's News
Zero Hedge
The Sun (UK)
The Golden Report
The Huffington Post
globalresearch (dot) ca
Al Jazeera
Cutting Edge
...or...any sites that are similar in nature to the above.

Please do not link to other Bible, prophecy, end times, and rapture websites that do not share the same values as RF. We do not see any value added to the site by sharing sites that teach against what Rapture Forums stands for regarding the Bible.

This list is subject to change and at the discretion of the moderator team.

[10] Treat others with dignity & respect (as you like being treated). No name calling, teasing, wisecracks, talking down to, or belittling members or the Moderation Team. No sowing discord in a joking or argumentative behavior in the spirit of dissension or the guise of 'just kidding', or off hand comments of how you have been treated by others. Rationally discuss the argument and do not attack our members or mods. Luke 6:31

[11] No End Times Date Setting, Date Speculating, Date Framing, Date Suggesting, Date Alerts, or designating specific Peace Treaties or feasts as the main event of the Rapture or Second Coming. No quoting from others on date setting future events such as the fall of Damascus, Gog/Magog, the Rapture, the Second Coming, the Millennium, Peace Covenants, feasts, etc.... or speculations on who will be the Antichrist, False Prophet, or Gog, and no Islamic AC promotions allowed either. This includes linking to sites and books that also speculate and throw out dates based upon Blood Moon, Rosh Hashanah, and other events. Do not promote Ezekiel 38-39 as Armageddon. Do not set Date Alerts and speculations that even hint of date setting, nor posting from date setting preachers. We have already heard the "know the season argument". Matthew 24:36 Mark 13:32. Please do not inadvertently call Jesus a liar.

[12] Do not complain about other message boards, this board, or members. Please do not bring disputes, air grievances, or talk about other forums or ministries on RF. We are not referees and do not get involved in actions on other forums or websites. There is always two sides of a story and as such it is not appropriate for members to bring issues from other forums or websites to RF. Please do not start threads or make posts bashing or slamming perceived issues at other forums or websites.

[13] No liberal left wing political agendas, pacifism, socialism, libertarianism, fascism, communism, scientism, Tax Dodging, Anti-American Conspiracies, Anti-War Propaganda, or that the United States is Israel or Mystery Babylon. No "Financial Fear and panic, store ammo and cans" threads stressing America is going down the tubes and Jesus is leaving us stranded. No plotting to overthrow the American government. No Conspiracy theories such as FEMA camps, 9/11 was an inside job, etc. etc. etc....Practice your faith through prayer trusting God always providing our needs and never forsaking us. Hebrews 13:5 Psalms 37:25

This is a conservative website and we lean Republican, pro-life, pro-family, etc. No promotion of liberal, leftist, or Democratic positions on the forums. Do not support ungoldly political positions such as abortion, sexual deviant behaviors, and other lefty positions that are contrary to the word of God. If you want to promote liberal, leftist, and progressive policies, please go do it somewhere else on the Internet. This is not the place for it. With social media suppressing, shadowbanning, and excluding conservative forums, Rapture Forums is a conservative oasis where conservatives can express themselves and support each other without Big Tech bullying and harassment.

[14] No posts, links, or videos from other message boards, forums, websites, or political and religious blogs on this site. We are about promoting RF not your favorite other prophecy teachers.

The mod team alone reserves the right to post links to responsible blogs when important to the discussion of particular topics. Due to the dynamic and uncensored nature of blogs (especially on YouTube), the mod team does not have the time to monitor, validate, and approve all blogs or videos on the Internet. Please note that this applies also applies to signatures. Please do not post links to videos on YouTube (such as Amir, JD, etc.) on the forum. YouTube is NOT the place to get your Bible study materials. We are not a clearinghouse or in business to post videos from your favorite prophecy teachers. Our focus is on the RF ministry, not the ministry of your favorite teachers. Please do not flood RF with videos from other sites. Due to the nature and length of videos, we don't have time or the inclination to check out every video that some one puts together, just like we don't have time to go down to the public library and read every book down there to see if it is suitable for Rapture Forums. NO videos allowed on the forums. RF staff are allowed to post videos from YouTube, etc. as it is more likely we have vetted videos than the general public here on the forums. We take seriously that sound teaching is promoted on Rapture Forums, therefore YouTube prophets and false teachers are not to be promoted on Rapture Forums. Please do not flood the forums every day with musings and "updates" from your favorite prophecy teachers. The Rapture Forums ministry is about JESUS, not your favorite prophecy teachers.

[15] No promotion of Mid, Post Tribulation, Prewrath, Partial Rapture, Preterism, or Replacement theology. This board is traditional Pre-Tribulation Rapture, Pre 6 Seals, Pre 70th week, and Pre-Millennial Dispensational of End Times Prophecy. No posting alternative theories from other websites. We believe in a literal 7 year Tribulation period, after the instantaneous Rapture of all regenerated believers in unison, during which God finishes His discipline of Israel, protects Israel, and finalizes His judgments on the unbelieving world. Except for those who have taken the Mark of the Beast, salvation will remain open to people who trust Jesus for salvation up to the Second Coming. No suggestions of living righteously enough for the rapture, or salvation unattainable after the Rapture is allowed. All discussions on these topics must follow suit. Jesus said we won't know the day nor hour of His return and always be ready keeping watch.

[16] Do not promote extra-biblical scriptures. We believe the Holy Bible (39 old testament and 27 new testament books) is the only true Word of God in its entirety and fullness, perfect without error, not open to private interpretation. We invite you as Bereans to carefully examine the scriptures. We do not accept "lost books of the Bible", the Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha, and other so-called "Sacred" writings as inspired informative text. We do not consider paraphrased translations such as The Message & Renovare as God's infallible word.

[17] No hijacking and derailing threads with personal agendas.
(It's a given to disagree with some and agreeing with others but it goes too far when it becomes a personal issue derailing a thread. This is a place of fellowship and forgiveness, not one of private agendas, divisions, alliances, or cliques. Use your best judgment about this.

[18] Obey Copyright Laws. When posting song lyrics and articles from news sites, post only the first few stanzas or first few paragraphs and always provide the link.
This is to abide by copyright laws. Do not post articles from sites that are viewable through membership only. Do not post articles with the images intact as many images are copyrighted and it is a violation of copyright laws to include images that don't have the owner's permission.

[19] Only one account per person allowed, and no sharing your account with others. This is grounds for dismissal. This includes sharing accounts with son, daughter, husband, wife, uncle, room mate, dog, and especially the evil twin that causes all the trolling mischief. We do not delete accounts. Accounts will be closed, but not deleted if there is a reason to ban someone. All accounts are the property of Rapture Forums.

[20] Do not PM others with your private agendas. No PMing alliances, trying to sell stuff, ganging up on other members or other questionable activities... this is grounds for dismissal. Report any PM's of a divisive nature or agendas to the Admin team. Do not use the PM system for luring posters off to other websites. If the admin team has a good reason to believe that the PM system is being abused, we reserve the right to "investigate" user PM accounts to ensure a safe Christian atmosphere for all users. We will not have the PM system used for nefarious purposes.

[21] No dispensing of medical or financial advice on the board. We realize that at times you need a second opinion concerning ailments and prescription medications or monetary budgeting, but this is something you should receive from your doctor or financial adviser, not from people (strangers) online. Consult your local doctor for medical advice or an emergency response team for any serious condition. And consult your own personal financial adviser for financial decisions. Rapture Forums is not responsible for failure in not following this simple guideline.

[22] Do Not Judge In An Unrighteous Manner - Determining that someone is less of, or not truly a Christian because of a perceived lack of spiritual gifts, worship style, observance or non-observance of holidays, divorced or remarried, political affiliation, not voting for a specific candidate, dressing a certain way, believing in free will, experiencing various trials, or because someone who confesses they are saved by grace through faith in Christ, is not judging righteously. All members are encouraged to examine and judge doctrine in light of Biblical truth, but their eternal salvation is judged only by Jesus Christ. (John 7:24; Matthew 7:1-2; John 5:25-29, I Corinthians 4:5)

[23] No posting in foreign languages. This is an English speaking board, please communicate in English, type proper English with correct letters, use a dictionary when necessary. Greek and Hebrew words are an exception for clarifying scripture. Any other foreign words must be associated with their definition. Informal writing is allowed.

[24] No Cultic material - Teachings that do not agree with Scripture are not to be promoted here. This includes, but is not limited to, Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, Scientology, Masons, Free Masons, Elks, Moose, Christian Identity, New Age, Shepherd's Chapel, Sacred Name Movements, works based faiths such as Roman Catholicism, and Seventh Day Adventist, Church of Christ teachings.... (Galatians 1:6-8)

[25] No hot linking images - Hot linking, also known as bandwidth theft, involves posting images stored on a website you don't own or control. Please refrain from posting images or videos on the forums. We have had issues in the past with images and videos hosted on image sharing services that once a member's bandwidth was exceeded there were placeholder images all over the forums with "bandwidth exceeded" "this image no longer exists" or something similar. Videos are removed regularly from Youtube so we don't want "video removed" messages all over the forums.

[26] No statements supporting renewed (Inter-spirituality) - the blending of contemplative prayer and uniting of all religions (Ecumenism) including any suggestions the church needs a mystical (Emerging/Emergent) myth Gospel, that Jesus Christ is not the only way to salvation, or the Interfaith beliefs that all religions and faiths lead to heaven (Universalism), or any other universalistic concepts of "salvation" (that all the sincere find heaven) are usually regarded as "finding the god within you," (Panentheism) and god is in everything (Pantheism). The Admin team reserves the right to determine what constitutes ecumenical emergent teachings and promotions.

[27] No Speculations on the Causes of Natural Disasters onto people or cities as being Judgments from God - We are still living in the Age of Grace. God deals with individuals on a personal salvation basis and speculations of natural disasters and the timings of isolated or random natural disasters upon others due to political, economic, or religious actions taken by governments, societies, or individuals does not warrant a direct judgment from God. Luke 13:2-5 II Peter 3:7-13

[28] No posting threads about your personal infractions, deleted threads, or "why was my thread moved?" threads. All issues pertaining to board rules and clarifications will be discussed and handled by the Moderation team. You may use the contact form to contact the Mod team if you disagree with any rules or infractions rather than posting protests and concerns. No deep seated angry sarcastic posts due to animosity with the mods or board rules.

[29] Avatar, User Title, & Signature Rule - Signatures are limited to no more than 6 lines, no font sizes larger than 3, no more than 3 small images or just 1 with dimension of 350w x 150h. No videos. No displays of images, drawings, statements, quotes, or blog links that represent:
  • -Promoting or opposing the candidacy of any person currently seeking political office (regardless of party affiliation) or persons that currently hold political office at the federal, state or local level.
  • -Promoting or urging others to visit websites which are commercial, anti-Christian, political in nature, or promote teachings in opposition to our board rules.
  • -In any manner denigrating to Christianity or the Bible.
  • -Banned members are not to be referenced in posts or signatures.
Please note that personal blog links should not be placed in signatures.
Any signature violations may be edited without notification. If you are missing something in your signature, do not add it back. We reserve the right to change or remove any inappropriate signature at any time when deemed detrimental to our board rules. Members warned to either delete or modify any avatar or signature line that is in violation of our rules must comply or receive the assessment of Infraction points. Repeat offenses will lead to the loss of all posting privileges.
If you do not want to see signatures while browsing, utilize the option in the User Control Panel to turn signatures off.

[30] No solicitations of donations, emergency funds, finances, gifts, panhandling, advertisements, sales, commercial or any other type of monetary transactions between members. Be safe and never share personal information with anyone. No links to commercial businesses allowed on the site. Please do not sign up with the sole intention of promoting your business, customers business, etc. This is a Christian forums for fellowship, not a marketplace.

[31] No reporting of secret, classified, or other sensitive information regarding military operations from family and friends. There is a saying that "loose lips sink ships" and this is very true with the ongoing war on terror. We do not want to see our military suffer undue trouble because of information posted on this board.

[32] This board fully supports Israel occupying the Middle East, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount area. Posts in support of Islam, the Muslim religion, or fictitious Palestinian rights are not tolerated. The world nations are against Israel because the world system is under Satan's control. Posts against Israel defending herself are not tolerated.

[33] No posts supporting issues on pacifism: Continuous wars will exist on this planet until the Prince of Peace establishes His Kingdom on earth, and only after a great and bloody war that Jesus Himself will wage against His enemies. Laws and governments (with armies) are established to restrain evil, if left unrestrained, evil would take overtake peaceful countries, including "pacifists". "Pacifist Christians" would be persecuted, oppressed, slaughtered... Romans 13:4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he bears not the sword in vain: for he is a minister of God, an avenger to execute wrath upon him that practices evil. With this issue settled, pacifist ideals and liberal positions, which are weakening this country, are not necessary nor allowed on this board.

[34] We uphold the Second Amendment right for American's to lawfully and legally bear arms, and the Biblical right to self defense, however, this forum is not a platform for the NRA, or survivalist and militia groups. Arming survivalist discussions are not a good Christian witness to our watching unbelieving world. Our faith and trust remains in Jesus Christ alone and that is the objective we share with our lost and nervous world in these end times. Discussions on arming, images of guns and other weapons, heading to the hills, etc.. will be removed.

[35] Please do not promote or reference books, DVD, movies, etc. that are for commercial purposes. This is not a bookstore and we do not endorse making the forums a marketplace. Please do not ask people to go view videos, movies, books, CDs, DVDs, etc. on the forums. No links to Amazon, B&N, YouTube, streaming video places, etc. to purchase things. We can not and will not be a marketplace for items for sale and for commercial purposes. Remember how Jesus felt about people turning his Father's house into a marketplace. We feel the same way about that here at Rapture Forums.

[36] Do not post private personal information on the forums. This includes real names, address, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. We have had huge issues with communication on the forums and the PM system is off for this very reason. Member profiles are also off as well. Please do not try to bypass this rule by posting personal information on the forums. This will lead to being banned from the site. I'm very serious about this.

[37] Please do not start threads on the forums or make posts with a simple link to another site. Please provide at least 2-3 paragraphs of the article that you are linking to for members to read to see if they are interested in clicking on the link and reading more. Throwing up a simple link with no context or understanding of what the article or link is about is not good forums etiquette.

[38] Please do not post images on the forums. We want to avoid broken links to images on the forums. We do not want "bandwidth exceeded" or "image no longer exists" or any other similar messages and/or placeholder images on the forums because images were later removed from their original location. Please do not post images on the forum in any shape or form.

[39]No links to social media sites on the forums. Please do not link to social media sites on the forums. This includes Facebook, Twitter, GAB, Gettr, Parler, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other similar social media service. Social media sites regularly censor conservative, Christian, and and right wing sites. Rapture Forums has been banned from some social media sites simply for providing links to our articles on the site with no personal commentary in the comments area. We will not give them a free pass because of these things. We will not be used to link to their services and give them traffic.

We reserve the right to edit or remove any posts detrimental to the fellowship and witness of this board as the mod team sees fit. If you see a board violation, please report it.

All issues pertaining to the board rules will be discussed and handled by the Admin and Moderation team. You may PM a mod if you question any rules rather than posting protests in threads.

*These rules are subject to change at any time our Administrators and Mods realize issues effecting our goals and mission purpose are being compromised.

As a privately funded website, we reserve the right to run the board as we see is best for the purposes of our cause*

Thank you for reading, for your respect, and maturity.
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