Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate

Lovin Jesus

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The intelligence and riches of Michael Bloomberg coupled with the deceptive and downright murderous strategies of Hillary Clinton is a marriage made by Hell. God help us if these two were ever elected to the highest office of the United States!
I saw that. She was interviewed by Ellen and was asked if she would run as a VP and said she doesn't know. Yeah, she knows. She loves being up there with the Washington elites. Jezebel the queen. I don't think she would really accept being VP though, I see her walking into the Oval Office and pushing Bloomberg aside, take his seat, and start signing Executive orders, and telling Bloomberg to go play golf. Yes indeed God help us if this duo takes the White House.

Jeff K

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Anyone who would take her as their VP is either a complete fool or has a death wish. Like Christmas ornaments, wallpaper and Jeffrey Epstein, they will not hang themselves but they will still end up dead.
That was the first thing that came to mind when I heard this - How long will it take for Bloomberg to suddenly pass away and wa-lah - President Hilary.
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That was the first thing that came to mind when I heard this - How long will it take for Bloomberg to suddenly pass away and wa-lah - President Hilary.
I was thinking the same thing....I don’t see her meekly accepting a position that is second place, at least in her eyes. It seems that associating with the Clintons is bad for your health.... ;) :0_O Lots of unfortunate “accidents” and “suicides” seem to run rampant in their circle of friends and collegues. Bloomberg better have a food taster and a bodyguard 24/7, if we would have the misfortune to have him and her as the Demo’s team.

Andy C

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I have never heard of a former nominee for their party becoming a VP on a future Presidential ticket. I cant see Hillary’s ego allowing her to be the number 2 on a Presidential ticket. Also, what Presidential candidate would want the number 2 being the star of the show? Then again, due to his older age, maybe he would assure her he would not seek reelection?

Speculation is fun, but I dont believe Mike will win the nomination. He is boring to listen to, does not fire up the crowds, and watching him is about as fun as attending an all day dental cleaning.

I really hope there is a contested democrat convention, and Bernie wins the fight. Trump running against a socialist would be fun to watch, and easy for Trump to win.


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I am not sure it would be an easy victory. Bernie has a lot of supporters. If he doesn’t win against Trump someone like him will win against some Corporate Conservative at the election after that. Not sure we will see another Trump and Never Trumper Conservatives are unappealing.
Bernie comes across as a geriatric kook to me but my generation and younger love him.


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This ticket would be a scary hybrid and the best description I found was the plot summary of The Thing from Another World (1951):
A U.S. Air Force crew and scientists find a crashed flying saucer and a humanoid body in the Arctic. Returning to their remote outpost with the humanoid encased in a block of ice, they are forced to defend themselves against the still alive and malevolent creature when it defrosts. The film ends with their urgent radio report: "TELL EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE -- NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE -- WATCH THE SKIES!! WATCH THE SKIES!!
Interesting side note: the alien was played by James Arness (Matt Dillon). He had no articulate lines, just grunting and arm waving, like Bernie Sanders.