BLM-Linked Activist Found Inside Capitol During Protest

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A prominent member of ‘Insurrection USA,’ which is reportedly aligned with ‘Black Lives Matter,’ was found to have been among the protesters who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday.

John Sullivan of Utah admitted he was inside the Capitol following its takeover, but he claimed he was only “reporting” from the scene.

“Those protesters, they got angry and they busted through those officers really quickly,” Sullivan said of the attack on the Capitol. “You could really freely move around, you could go in any room and look out the window, so it’s pretty surreal to see.”

However, reports found Sullivan was previously making threats against President Trump and his supporters, which suggests clashes at the Capitol were a possible Antifa provocation.

Meet BLM criminal John Sullivan was arrested for threats and violence against conservatives in Utah! John was interviewed on CNN about the film he took inside the CAPITOL of Ashli Babbit lying in a pool of blood dying - WHY was he there?

According to further reports, Sullivan was arrested during BLM riots in Salt Lake City last year. He was arrested for felony rioting, criminal mischief and threats of violence. Sullivan has also called for attacks on government institutions, which raises many questions in connection to his presence at the Capitol Hill protest.


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More of these stories are now coming out, including the video of the Capitol police opening the doors and letting the protesters walk inside. Something smells fishy. It's very convenient how this riot has enabled the left to further demonize and censor patriotic Americans. We have seen so much open corruption and unrepentant evil at every level of society. I wonder if God is allowing us to see all of this evil to better understand the need for His severe judgement of the world during the Tribulation. Personally, I am getting very weary and pray He is coming soon.

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The entire thing was staged by the far left demonic minions...

When you look at many of those protesters up close, they look like far left zombies...not rational Trump supporters, who do NOT behave like that. Lib zombies behave like that, as we witnessed all last summer...