BLM founder's demonic cursing ritual revealed


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I received the following in an email from Mat Staver, the Chairman of Christians in Defense of Israel.

The truth about BLM's occult underpinnings is spreading, and BLM leader Patrisse Cullors is proud of her organization's demonic roots, calling BLM a "spiritual movement."

On June 15, Cullors appeared in a live video performance sponsored by UCLA and now available on YouTube. Sporting a shirt that says, "Black Magic," standing under the colored wings of an ancient pagan god, Cullors lights candles and begins her ritual. A "prayer" penned by Cullors plays on a loop in the background, her low and rhythmic voice enticing her viewers to watch as she shreds paper into a pile, then covers it with a mat. The word "Ashe" repeats again and again.

"Ashe" is part of the worship of the ancient Nigerian god Olodumare. According to followers, "Ashe" is the power this false god gives his adherents - "power, authority, command" of spiritual forces - to, among other things, curse, hex, and destroy enemies.

Cullors' "Prayer for the Runner" is an occult curse in long form. The papers she shreds are the Los Angeles police budget, and the shredding itself a curse upon not only the police department but also upon every police officer within that department. The mat laid over the shredded pile is part of the curse. Embroidered with the name of her city-burning organization Black Lives Matter, the mat symbolizes BLM's ultimate conquer of the police.

But in case any should think this is perhaps more harmless than it seems, Cullors makes her rituals and intent perfectly clear in the post-performance discussion with BLM Los Angeles Director Melina Abdullah, who, like Cullors, also gets her power and direction from the "spirits of the dead."

Cullors and Melina discuss at length their occult rituals, including summoning the dead through gifts of honey and tobacco. And how using the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter or even forcing people to "Say their Name" (referring to the dead), reinforces those hexes and spells.

In fact, Cullors boasts that this "spirituality" is "the center" of BLM.

And in a way, Cullors is 100% correct, because our country has been overrun by the evil spirits of division, deceit, and deadly violence for over 90 days straight. Since BLM began its ritualistic attacks on our country and Israel this summer, over 400 police officers have been injured, and 40 killed. Just this weekend, two officers in Los Angeles were ambushed and shot point blank. BLM protestors blocked the entrance to the nearest hospital shouting "LET THEM DIE."

And if the occult is at the center of BLM, then it should be no surprise at all that BLM hates both Israel and America, to the point of engineering their destruction. Because Israel and America are the only two nations in the history of the world to be founded on the Word of God.

BLM has made clear they want nothing less than the complete destruction of both America and Israel. And they are apparently willing to use any tool necessary to further their deadly and destructive goals…including the occult.

The Bible is absolutely and unequivocally clear:

"Let no one be found among you who ...engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD..." Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

This battle before us, both in America and the Holy Land, is clearly a spiritual battle. That battle is playing out here in the earthly realm as riots continue to burn American streets even after 90 days. Our best weapon in any battle is prayer, of course. Together, let's call on God to intervene by exposing and defeating this Marxist, Israel-hating organization which relies on the powers of darkness — and has been funded to the tune of hundreds of millions of unaccounted for dollars by unsuspecting corporations...hundreds of millions of dollars to further fuel Patrisse Cullors' black magic and BLM's hate and destruction campaign.

But the Lord has also given us earthly means to fight the darkness. In this case, the United States Department of Justice.

Please, take a moment now to fax Congress and the White House. Ask them to fully investigate the violently anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-American, Marxist organization known as BLM – including its founders, mentors and funders who are enabling this murderous organization to viciously attack America and Israel.


Won't Be Long Now!
Just finished watching the Patrisse Cullors live video performance sponsored by UCLA on YouTube and have a few comments.

1. Yes the Black Lives Matter movement is absolutely demonic, but just like the serpent was subtil (cunning, crafty) with Eve so is Patrisse Cullors with her performance and conversation. The reason I say she is crafty and cunning is while not hiding the spiritual ties and/or the reverence to the dead, she does not put that in your face so to speak. I and most on this forum can see what she is about, but when viewed by those who are not strong Christians, they may say what's the problem? They may say, OK she is spiritual but aren't you? Just because she does not agree with your spirituality does not make her wrong with what she is trying to do. You see I was hoping to share the video with some weak Christians, but I don't think they would find it to be demonic and would think I was kind of reaching a bit to say that.

2. The second point I would make and this also applies to Christian Pastors and teachers. Most if not all of what she stated were either her personal thoughts (though I believe the source is demonic) or quoting what some other prominent person had to say. The point being not facts, but her opinion and the opinion of some other prominent people. So should that convince me of anything? No!!! I want either facts or even better what God's word says. I had a Sunday School teacher who was always quoting what some Christian author said as proof of what he would state. That means nothing to me as I don't follow man, but God's word. Show me something in the bible if you want me to believe it.

So I was somewhat disappointed. It's kind of like showing someone the devil, but they don't recognize him no matter how evil he acts because he does not have a tail, horns and a pitch fork. :diablo I was still glad I watched it, so I could personally see for myself what Patrisse Cullors and the BLM are about. I don't find her to be a good speaker either, as her thoughts were all over the place. Not saying she was, but she sounded to me like someone who is high on some drug.