BLM co-founder's cousin dies from cardiac arrest after LA police tase him


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BLM co-founder's cousin dies from cardiac arrest after LA police tase him
Keenan Anderson tested positive for cocaine and cannabis according to the hospital's toxicology report.
Published: JANUARY 15, 2023

Keenan Anderson, a cousin of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, died of a cardiac arrest last week shortly after being tased by police in Los Angeles, LAPD reported. Anderson, 31, was also a 10th-grade English teacher and a father of a six-year-old son, according to CNN. The incident occrred at the Venice neighborhood of the city. He died at a hospital in Santa Monica, BBC reported, 4.5 hours after he was tased. Anderson tested positive for cocaine and cannabis, the report also stated, citing a toxicology report produced by the LAPD.



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The bigger question is why an educated high school teacher smokes pot, snorts cocaine, gets behind the wheel, causes an accident, leaves the scene, then runs from the police, and resists arrest? This is why citizens get tased and shot! It's not rocket science or brain surgery. If for whatever reason you find yourself in contact with the police, be polite and respectful, follow their instructions, and things will go much easier.


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I'd say this teacher being a pothead and cocaine user plus being a cousin of a BLM founder makes it pretty likely that he was deeply involved in the indoctrination of America's children, so his death will be a loss for the revolution. But I'm sure there are plenty standing in line waiting to take his place.

It's been awhile since there's been a BLM looting spree; it's a pretty safe bet that the riot brigades have drank all the booze they stole by now, watched all the videos, and their shoes have worn out. So this excuse for another spree came along at a good time for them. And not only that, but riots could be a really good distraction from the truth being made known about the January 6 protest, and what's being learned now about Biden (I wouldn't be surprised if the next thing that comes out is that Hunter was using classified papers to roll joints with). Merrick Garland has his work cut out for him in covering all this up, and could probably use some help.

But the liberal masters might have some reason to want their cattle to lay low for awhile, so who knows what might happen.

Any loss of life is a tragedy. I hope he was saved. In my experience a drug user tends to worship his drug instead of God so who knows; God is the judge, but I hope for this man's sake that he was saved. And I hope God will comfort his family.