Blinken: Negotiations with Iran have taken a step 'backwards'


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Blinken: Negotiations with Iran have taken a step 'backwards'
Secretary of State says Iran's latest response on a renewed nuclear deal violates Biden admin's 'bottom-line requirements.'
Israel National News
Sep 9, 2022

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Friday that negotiations with Iran on a return to the nuclear deal have gone “backwards.” Speaking from NATO headquarters in Belgium, Blinken told a press conference that he was not going to ”negotiate in public” in response to reports that discussions to finally a renewed deal had hit a roadblock. "In past weeks, we closed some gaps. Iran had moved away from some extraneous demands, demands unrelated to the JCPOA itself," Blinken said. "However, the latest response takes us backwards, and we are not about to agree to a deal that doesn't meet our bottom-line requirements."