Blessing God


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I've recently been coming across the term "Bless God" in all sorts of venues and wanted to know what it is.

This is a straight up question and I am NOT looking for some detailed treatise. I am essentially just looking for a simple and basic answer to the following questions:

1) What does it mean to "Bless God""
2) How are we even capable of doing such a thing?
3) And, finally, how do you do it? What is the proper way to "Bless God."

And I guess, perhaps, it might be remedial but worth it to renew my understanding of what it means to "Bless." (That is why I asked question #2).

Thanks for any help in my Biblical journey.


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I’ve always taken that as being obedient to His Word, praying and worshipping Him. I’m probably wrong though.
That's fair enough to some degree. And I wouldn't assume you are wrong by any means. The only thing I can come up with myself, before clicking on Tall Timber's link below is this:

While god is Holy, complete, and sovereign, and there is absolutely NOTHING he needs, there ARE things he desires that can only come out of one of his creation's free will. Mainly, a relationship and reconciliation, and perhaps even love (the definition of which is a topic for another thread). So, maybe, by accepting Christ and forming a relationship with him (or at least trying to) in that way you are "blessing" Him. I don't know. IT's the reason I asked the question.

But, I am still confused, because I hear of people "blessing God" as part of their prayers, and how can we in any way pray for God to be blessed? It is HE who hears our prayers and it is HE who does the blessing.