Blending hymns with modern worship songs?


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As an old guy, I’m not understanding the taking of hymns like “Just as I am“ and blending it with a modern worship song. Are the old hymns not considered well written and thus need to be improved upon? Is the message of the hymn too weak? I am not understanding this trend please enlighten me on what this movement is about.
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As an old guy myself, I appreciate your dilemma. I also help with the sound team at my church and that is challenging a bit because many/most of the songs we sing are unknown to me. However, I recognize two things....first, every generation thinks music of other generations is crappola. I'm no different except my generation, the boomers, did have the absolute best music in every category, so I indulge the youngsters their lack of my musical heritage. Second, and most important, I remember that worship music/hymns are not scripture. Nice tunes, pleasant thoughts, but often, not at all theologically correct. So unless the music is absolutely unbearable, I go along for the ride and the teaching.
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I’m 39, so I’m not sure if that is classified as old these days. :lol But I just wanted to say that I do not at all like when hymns are mixed with modern worship songs. Hymns are melodically and lyrically beautiful in a way that modern worship music isn’t (not that modern is terrible. Just not AS good or meaningful.)