Birdwatching is Racist, Imperialist, and Homophobic


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Birdwatching is Racist, Imperialist, and Homophobic
Woke demands hegemonic control of intimate joys.
By Danusha Goska

On September 27, 2021, David Sibley, a birdwatching celebrity, posted the following on his Facebook page. “The outdoors is for *everyone* and has felt unsafe to many LGBTQIA2S+ folks for too long…Today, ask yourself ‘What could I do better?'” Sibley “warned” that birders were liable to make “hurtful and dangerous comments” and that “sensitive” and “vulnerable” people should “avoid the comments section.” LGBT people “struggle to feel and BE safe in the outdoors.” Mind – Sibley was not condemning very real and reprehensible anti-LGBT violence. Sibley was specifically accusing birdwatchers of violence.

Follow-up comments from Sibley’s fans were overtly accusatory of birdwatchers. One wrote, “Too many white cis/het (and male) people are so used to not having to think about anyone but themselves. It’s part of the foundation of white/straight privilege. They don’t have to think about race or gender, because it doesn’t affect them every single day, like it does so many others …’I like my privilege, and I don’t want to have to think about those who don’t have it!'” Another wrote, “LGBT+ people [are] threatened, attacked, even murdered” – by birdwatchers. And another, “Homophobia and the violence that flows from it is a well-documented scourge” – among birdwatchers.

At least since 2014, activists have alleged that birdwatchers and birdwatching are racist. Bird names are white supremacist and imperialist. Birding’s Woke elite are now changing the official names of every bird named after a white, male naturalist. The Montezuma quail will keep its name. Montezuma reigned over a slave-owning, war-based empire that practiced religiously-mandated cannibalism and the torture and murder of children sacrificed to Tlaloc, the Aztec rain god. No matter, Montezuma, who wore regalia comprised of the feathers of hundreds of dead birds, was superior to groundbreaking white naturalist John James Audubon.

Bachman’s warbler was named after John Bachman, a prodigious white male clergyman and naturalist. The Bachman’s warbler was declared extinct on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, thus saving Woke birders from having to rename it, or to protect it from being wiped off the face of the earth. Indeed, on that same day, the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced the extinction of twenty-three species, including the beloved ivory-billed woodpecker, once the third-largest woodpecker in the world. Rather than focus their activism on this heartbreak, Sibley fans aimed their most formidable weapon, their keyboards, at the fearsome, menacing scourge of birdwatcher homophobia.

The National Audubon Society ran an article in 2018 entitled, “For the LGBTQ Community, Birding Can Be … a Source of Anxiety.” The article reports that “Nature reserves and wildlife refuges tend to … lack diversity … the birding community … is definitely dominated by white men … Birding trips with straight men have been very difficult … Straight spaces often feel hyper-competitive and masculinized … which can suck the fun out of birding … queer people [feel] left out of the team.”

On June 7, 2021, The Salt Lake Tribune published “LGBTQ Birding Group Helps Queer Utahns Find Community in the Outdoors … A Safer Way for LGBTQ Utahns To Meet Up And Feel Safe.” Birdability promises that “We will use our platform and our voice to speak out against discrimination of any kind in the birding community, and we condemn … homophobia.” On September 17, 2018 Out Front Magazine profiled Gregoriah Hartman, identified as an Audubon Society employee, who complained of “microaggressions” such as people not referring to Hartman by Hartman’s chosen pronouns, namely, “ze, zim, zis.” If, after reading “ze, zim, zis,” you thought “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah,” remand yourself to Twitter. You have committed a thought crime and you must be flagellated.

“Not every queer person has an affirming experience when they set out into the great outdoors,” the magazine mourned. “Despite efforts to be more inclusive, the culture of outdoor enthusiasts is still very white, hetero, and upper-class. Many who find themselves outside of those demographics don’t get invited to the outdoors, or don’t feel they have the resources to do things like hiking … queer people aren’t willing to just get out there and hike. Organized hikes with strangers leave people open to microaggressions and all-out homophobia from those who don’t affirm queer identities.”

The Woke commandeer words: “kind,” “inclusive,” “diverse,” “harm,” “danger,” and “safe.” Language has been prostituted and weaponized: “don’t get invited,” “don’t have the resources to go hiking,” “don’t affirm identities.” These phrases conjure a non-existent reality in which one must be “invited” and have “resources” and be “affirmed” to birdwatch. No one “invited me” to become a birdwatcher. The “resources” I have to go hiking is a pair of shoes, often with holes in them; I walk a lot, have little money, and wear shoes straight through to the pavement. No one “affirms my identity.” Birdwatching is not about affirming your fellow birdwatcher’s identity. It’s about watching birds.

Among birdwatchers, as well as among civilians, I have been insulted for my poverty, my weight, and my gender. I have also been physically assaulted. I have not allowed ugly incidents to deter me, and I have also not concluded that the rich whites who insulted me, or the black men who assaulted me, are representative of all rich whites or all blacks. Birdwatching is not safe, nor is any activity carried out in natural areas. Recently Aisha White accused Jason Ward, a celebrity birder, of raping her during a hike. Every birdwatcher, not just LGBT people, must learn and practice outdoor safety.

If birdwatching were a hotbed of violent homophobia, I and other birders would have been working against that violence and homophobia. I’ve been active in gay rights and have published what I can to advance acceptance. I’ve been watching birds on four continents, for five decades, as a dues-paying member of the National Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, and local groups, and on my own. I’ve never heard a birder utter a single word that could even be interpreted as homophobic. Birders tend to be eccentric obsessives lacking polished people skills. I don’t know my birder Facebook friends’ sexual orientation, whether they voted Trump or Biden, their religion, their favorite film, or anything about their families. If they drove two hundred miles to see a snowy owl, I know. No one, in the over nine hundred posts following his, cited evidence supporting Sibley’s accusation that there is a widespread problem with birders “threatening” LGBT people.

One poster wrote that saying out loud, in any context and to any person, “I believe in traditional marriage” or “I believe that there are two sexes,” is an act of violence. Equating an opinion with violence is a highly political move. The Woke say they value diversity, but Woke diversity does not include diversity of thought. Contrast this with the above-linked Audubon Society article. In that article a gay person says that an LGBT birding group has “created a space where you can say whatever you want about your own life while birding.”

LGBT people deserve the same respect and civil rights that every other citizen enjoys. Human beings are not the same as extremism carried out in the name of human beings. I discussed Sibley’s allegation with author and trans man Max Wolf Valerio. Max wrote to me, “It’s the lunatic fringe. Always a couple of kooks out there but the rest of us have lives to live and are mostly like the rest of the country: jobs, school, family and friends. We worry more about the cost of living then some idiot who says something rude. Trans people are resourceful and resilient as a group and mainly not that much different from others.”

Bait-and-switch is a timeworn con. Sibley’s fans insisted that they were about being “kind,” “safe,” and “inclusive.” When posters resisted the narrative that birders are dangerous homophobes, Sibley’s “kind” and “inclusive” fans bullied and slandered them.

A poster named Lauren wrote, “i ask my gay brother and his boyfriend of their experiences often, and they haven’t faced anything of the sort.” In response to this innocent comment, posters responded, “your brother isn’t comfortable telling you the truth because of your beliefs or how you react,” “100% your gay brother is imaginary,” “Take several seats, darling. It’s time for you to be quiet now,” “quite frankly Lauren, I can’t imagine your gay brother being comfortable sharing any of his experiences with you given your own prejudices and obstinance,” “if you’re not prejudiced against gays what exactly does this comment of yours mean,” “[you are] absurdly homophobic,” and “Are you just trolling here or are you that obtuse? Because everything you have said exposes your deep bigotry.” What was Lauren’s “deep bigotry”? Saying that her gay brother and his partner have not experienced birdwatcher homophobia.

“Kindness” and “inclusivity” evaporate when speakers voice any truths that resist the hegemonic Woke narrative. On the national stage, “kind,” “safe,” and “inclusive” are a front for “rigid,” “punitive,” and “totalitarian.” Witness, for example, the fate of Peter Vlaming, a popular, veteran teacher who was fired because he accidentally, and only one time, referred to a male-identifying female student as “she.”

Woke’s “kindness” is behind the Lancet’s referring to women by the diabolical neologism, “bodies with vaginas.” “Bodies with vaginas” is the kind of misogynist, indeed, anti-human poison one might hear from Jack the Ripper, not England’s premier medical journal. Woke inspired Keir Starmer, the British Labour Party leader and Knight Commander and Queen’s Counsel, to state that it is wrong to say that only women have a cervix. “It shouldn’t be said. It’s not right.” Woke protected Darren Merager, a white, male sex offender, who penetrated the female section of a California spa, and Woke demonized Cubana Angel, the black woman who protested against the white, male sex offender’s violation of her safety. Woke encouraged children like Keira Bell, a girl who tried to transition to being a boy, and Garrett, who underwent castration, to damage their bodies permanently before their brains were fully mature. Both Keira and Garrett regret their surgeries. The Woke suppress peer-reviewed research by Lisa Littman and books by Abigail Shrier and Helen Joyce that might help persons with gender dysphoria.

Many birders said that they did not care about the identities of those with whom they watched birds. One such post: “Birds don’t see colour, sexual orientation and or hate. That’s why we love them so much. They love everyone and perhaps we could learn a thing or two from them.” Another, “I never ask any one what their sexual orientation might be. I don’t care. I usually bird alone anyway.” And another, “I treat [LGBT people] the same as everyone else on my bird walks. I am wondering if this is actually a thing, or a problem where none exists … Organized bird walks bring out an assortment of folks. Seems from my experience everyone is busy looking for birds, and not interested in who is what … It was about the birds, and only the birds. Love to all, and happy birding.”

Sibley chastised posters who said that they didn’t care about others’ identities, for example, “We can not be ‘colorblind’ because then we can not see that not all colors are treated equally.” And “it is important that we make sure we DO see color, race, sexual orientation, etc. in other people so we can see patterns of oppression and address those problems!” Sibley’s insistence on emphasizing gender and color echoes Critical Race Theory. To say that one doesn’t care about race or gender is merely proof of how racist and homophobic one is.

Sibley’s Woke fans rabidly attacked those who said that they don’t care about others’ identities. One birder said, “I see no reason to treat people differently for any reason. I hope I am just as kind to one person as another. I do not care about their sexual orientation.” In response to this anodyne comment, another wrote, “I sense a lame attempt at whitewashing your homophobia. I’ve seen it before, time and time again. Homosexuality makes you uncomfortable,” and “a homophobe is a homophobe. Get a f—ing clue!” and “maybe you should reflect on why that is triggering for you. Is it possible that not EVERYthing is about you? Does the idea of it hurt your feelings in some way? If so – why?” and “by your Facebook timeline I see that you’ve been indoctrinated into a fascist cult.”

Sibley deleted comments only because, he said, they were not “family friendly.” He did, though, keep up comments attacking, insulting, and cursing those who said that they didn’t care about other birdwatchers’ sexual orientation.

A woman named Nancy said that she didn’t like being lectured by Sibley. Her response is understandable; false accusations are the fuel that drives lynch mobs. We’ve known that at least since the millennia-old tale of Potiphar’s wife, who falsely accused the Biblical Joseph of rape, with the goal of ruining his life. Nancy said that if Sibley lectured her, she’d lecture him in the same way that she lectures her son. Clearly, Nancy’s post was tongue-in-cheek.

Sibley’s fans descended on Nancy like stinging insects on an open wound. Bestselling author Amy Tan called Nancy presumptuous for daring to speak to birding celebrity Sibley in a disrespectful manner, and accused Nancy of posting a “threat” to “scare” Sibley. No one seemed to see any irony in this. All animals are equal but some animals, celebrities, for example, are more equal than others.

Those attacking Nancy egged each other on. Go look at her Facebook page, they urged each other. “she is a Trumpster. Her FB page is full of hate,” one said. Another said, “she’s a Trump supporter so I guess you can’t expect much else.” Another insulted Nancy with an overtly misogynist term. “What an unimaginable harpy!” One mocked Nancy for having few Facebook friends.

Again, all Nancy said was that she didn’t like being lectured, and that she would lecture others if they lectured her. She said nothing about gay people. Many, though, insisted on falsely accusing Nancy of posting homophobic content. One wrote, “Thanks @nancy for proving the point of David Sibley’s post. As long as folks are as vehemently bigoted as you are – it’s not safe for those of us in the queer community to go outside. I’ve got a bird for you Nancy” this was followed by an animated image of someone raising the middle finger.

The following two posts appeared back to back. You are, a post said, “a homophobic bigot. You’re an asshole.” The next post said, “You appear to be an angry and miserable person. Try kindness and opening your heart and mind to accepting the beauty of diversity and equality.” The irony was apparently invisible to the poster.

Other posts in response to Nancy: “you are never too old to develop empathy and acceptance of people who are different than you. Please don’t be small-minded and petty,” “your family must be so embarrassed by you,” “Feeling SUPER sorry for your sons!!!! What a nasty little person you are,” “obviously a crochety damn old person,” “listen you bigoted excuse for a human being … You do know that people who protest too much about others sexuality often have feelings of their own towards the same sex. Closet lesbian?” and “Get back on your meds, please.”

One person said that Nancy was a bot, and not a real person. I visited Nancy’s Facebook page and easily found a year-old post mourning the death of her father. Comments appeared to be from people who knew Nancy’s father.

People can be motivated by love or hate. If love for LGBT birders inspired Sibley, he could have posted that birders could make LGBT feel more comfortable by wearing a rainbow pin on their next group outing. I’m sure birders would be honored to do so. If love for black people inspired BLM and CRT’s adherents, they could go to the black underclass and work for any number of humanitarian agencies.

Woke is motivated by hate. Woke doesn’t work for; Woke works against. Rather than helping black people, BLM burned down cities and bullied white diners into giving closed-fist salutes. Instead of advancing education for black students, CRT denigrates whites and demands that whites be dispossessed, not just of money, goods, and advanced placement classes, but of cultural capital. Witness Eric Deggans’ “limited good” call for Tom Hanks to work against his own oeuvre of films celebrating white astronauts and white ship captains. Sibley and his gang of bullies did nothing for LGBT people. Rather they devoted their time and energy to mocking a lonely, older woman because she dared to tell a celebrity that she doesn’t like to be lectured. Woke hate is justified by Woke narratives: the West is irredeemably corrupt and must be destroyed. Anything less than destruction is inexcusable criminal negligence. Any resistance to Woke narratives threatens the Woke’s very reason for being.

Woke attacks on anyone who resists their narrative has ominous echoes in professional life. Paul Rossi was a teacher at the Grace Church School in Manhattan, where the tuition is $57,330. Grace Church requires a curriculum that demonizes whites. Rossi refused to be pigeonholed. Rossi acknowledges that white supremacy is evil, and that it plays a significant role in American history. He simply didn’t want Grace Church to tell him who he is on the basis of skin color. Rossi protested further that imposing a definition of whiteness as inherently evil harms children, something that he, as a loving teacher, could not do. Rossi said that Grace Church’s curriculum taught students “because you have whiteness you are associated with evils, all these different evils, moral evils … we’re demonizing white kids.” Rossi’s principal agreed. “We are using language that makes them feel less than, for nothing that they are personally responsible for.” Rossi was fired for his resistance to the hegemonic narrative.

In September, 2020, it was revealed that Northwestern University held an online meeting. Every white attendee had to denounce himself as racist. One such text: “My name is Emily Mullin. I am a racist and a gatekeeper of white supremacy. I will work to do better.” Note the vow to “do better.” According to Woke, white people are inescapably racist, and heterosexuals are inescapably homophobic. They cannot change; they can only publicly acknowledge their inherent evil and vow to “do better” – see examples here, here, here. Sibley’s Facebook post urged birders, whom he insinuated were dangerous homophobes, to “do better.”

Grace Church did to Paul Rossi, and Northwestern University did to its professors, what David Sibley did to birders. Sibley attempted to impose on birders a self-definition as making the “outdoors” “unsafe” for “LGBTQIA2S+.” Birdwatchers, therefore, needed to “do better.” The birdwatchers who refused to allow Sibley to define them as “threatening” to “LGBTQIA2S+” resisted the hegemonic Woke narrative. It may seem counterintuitive that these birders would be punished for saying that they accept people regardless of their identity. Superficially, it might appear that the Woke value tolerance. In fact, the Woke do not value tolerance, and they don’t care about the “safety” of “LGBTQIA2S+.” Rather, the Woke demand hegemonic domination of a ritual and its accompanying narrative. Those birders who simply stated the truth, that most birders couldn’t care less about the identities of those with whom they bird, defied the hegemonic narrative, and had to be punished.

Chris Rufo, an expert on Critical Race Theory, recently stated that CRT “is an elite vocabulary that you have to speak in order to gain access to” Ivy League schools, elite society, and profitable employment. People parrot the dogma even though they privately believe it is “BS.” “What I find egregious and abominable about Critical Race Theory is that it is an intra-elite power struggle. The entire theory is derived to gain power within elite institutions since its founding at Harvard Law school in the 1980s.” CRT “is surprisingly uninterested in doing the work of lifting people out of desperate circumstances.” “Rather than providing any concrete benefit to people living in poverty or desperation,” proponents of Critical Race Theory are “much more interested in people securing their own status … That is absolutely disgusting. They’re using the poor and the oppressed as a mascot and a tool, an image or symbol for them to play their own games among people who all share privilege regardless of their racial background.”

What helps people in need? Rufo points to the family, to work, and to churches as sources of real help. The Woke revile all three. “You can’t even talk about them. They are taboo in elite environments. The family is a white supremacist patriarchal institution that should be dismantled. Work is capitalist exploitation and people shouldn’t be required to work. Faith and churches are an impediment to state control and redistribution.”

The Woke are privileged people who exploit other people’s suffering as ornaments to enhance their own power and privilege and to feed their own narcissism, while at the same time suppressing any action that might actually alleviate human suffering. They can be compared to those afflicted with hero syndrome. Some arsonists set fires so that they can be seen putting the fires out, and thereby be declared heroes. By alleging that birdwatchers are bullies dedicated to mistreating “LGBTQIA2S+” persons, and by stating that he opposes this epidemic abuse, Sibley virtue signals. Many responses to his post praised him for being a hero taking a brave stand against “threatening” birdwatchers.

Sibley’s virtue signaling and the bullying and hate he allowed and even “liked” in subsequent posts drove a wedge between people who might otherwise have felt united by their shared love of birds. Divisiveness, driving wedges of rage and suspicion between people, is not a bug of Woke. Divisiveness is a feature and indeed a goal of Woke. Drive people apart from each other, create chaos, destroy the existing order, and pave the path to Woke Utopia.

Woke descends from Marxism, and, like its ancestors, Woke’s goal is to overturn Western Civilization and replace it with a Woke Utopia. Demonizing anyone who declines to accept the extremes of trans activism is part of that agenda. The difference between males and females is foundational to objective reality. Without maleness and femaleness none of us would be here, nor would much plant and animal life. Visually evident sexual dimorphism is widespread among birds. A male mallard looks and behaves differently from a female mallard. It’s not clear how a birdwatcher can say, “I see a male mallard” without being accused of committing a violent act. Remove the very mention of that foundation from acceptable speech and thought, and you have removed one of the pillars of Western Civilization.

The first day of every new semester, I would ask students to write three paragraphs on a topic of their choosing. My goal was to get a handle on their ability to command written language. I came to realize that those first day writing samples are encapsulations of the human soul. Please note that I used the singular, “soul,” not “souls,” plural. As a proud inheritor of the Western tradition I deeply value individuality. But I’m also aware that we all share much. I cannot reread these brief essays without being humbled and moved and realizing that God has given me a gift I never had the sense to pray for, but that He scattered before my feet like gems on a velvet cape.

I’ve had students born in Africa, the Caribbean, Malaysia, Israel, Iraq, the former Yugoslavia and Soviet Union. There was no way to tell whether a paper was written by a white or black student, rich or poor, right- or left-wing, native born or immigrant, gay or straight. Rather, what these essays reveal are commonalities. Everyone dreams. Even students who looked bored or vacant shared dreams of helping other people. Students talked about how much they loved their parents, siblings, boyfriends or girlfriends.

One theme turned up in paper after paper. “I am the only one, and I am afraid.” I am the only one in this class who was born in Africa. I am the only one who is a single mother. I am the only one who is in a wheelchair. I am the only one who was told that I will die before I’m thirty of a an uncurable disease. The only one in a hijab. The only white male. The dyslexic. The one other students won’t like. I will never fit in. I am the one for whom all of this will be very hard.

There’s a reason why Cinderella is the world’s most popular folktale. We all feel like that orphan sweeping back fire soot while her stepsisters dance at the ball. Contrary to Woke, constantly focusing on our own pain diminishes us. The path to our greatest power is, as Jesus said, to die to ourselves, as a seed dies in earth, only to germinate and produce many seeds. Buddha said, “All life is suffering.” Everything that is alive is in pain; rich white men are not exempt. When we recognize the Cinderella even in people more fortunate than ourselves, we grow spiritually in ways that seemed unimaginable when our theme song was “I am the only one.”

In addition to the first day writing sample, my students were also required to introduce themselves to the entire class. My first-generation students at a commuter college needed coaching in forming professional networks. I told them, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” I included quiz questions about fellow students. “Which one of your classmates has a pet turtle?”

I also wanted students to get to know each other because we’d be talking about controversial issues. I wanted my students to remember: this isn’t just Jamal, with whom I disagree. This is Jamal, who, like me, is a Mets fan. Kyle is being a jerk, but he’s an EMT, and he may save my life someday. Judy irritates me, but her mom is dying of cancer, and I need to take it easy on her. I wanted students to recognize the humanity of their fellow students.

Woke insists on a rigid division between all whites, all men, all heterosexuals, who are all oppressors, and selected others who are defined as permanently oppressed. It’s undeniable that gay people have been treated horrifically. It’s equally undeniable that we have no way of knowing that any given white man has not faced equally horrific treatment. I have met white, heterosexual men who were slave laborers under the Nazis, imprisoned by the Imperial Japanese, who suffered years of unspeakable child abuse, who were beaten up in Paterson or Newark, or, whose academic careers were sabotaged, exactly because they were white males, and whose loved ones were killed on 9-11 because of their identity. In my mother’s natal Slovakia I met a Catholic priest who was tortured by communists. I refuse to close my eyes to these men’s suffering because Woke insists to me that they are “privileged white oppressors.” I refuse to withhold judgment from LGBT people who have abused others, from Roy Cohn to Darren Merager. Identity is no basis for morality or for the rationing out of “kindness.”

I posted on David Sibley’s page, “There are times and places where it is very important to say, ‘I am a woman and a rape survivor,’ or ‘I am working class and I have experienced classism that has diminished me.’ But there are also times and places where it is actually better for a group of people to leave their identities and histories of oppression aside, and, together, focus on something transcendent, something utterly outside of themselves, something that overrides identities, something that unites them in an experience of the numinous, and of communitas. And, as these diverse people leave their mortal identities earthbound, as they ascend the heights of wonder, they realize that what unites them is so much more important than what divides them. And, later, they realize, ‘Hey, I spent today with people unlike myself, and yet we experienced communitas,’ and from that very experience, they learn transcendent love. David, I’m asking you to consider that your avian art offers a highway out of the prison of identity, and you should not squander that. Let us unite as birders. We don’t have to hide our identities, but we don’t have to rub others’ noses in them. When I am birding, I don’t think about being a woman who has been raped (which I am) I don’t think about being poor (which I am.) I focus on my love of birds, which unites me to my fellow birders.”

I was immediately and repeatedly denounced. One woman, a professional writer from Chevy Chase, the wealthiest town in Maryland and home to many celebrities, responded by accusing me of “contributing to a toxic culture” and supporting an oppressive “patriarchal society.” Another poster called my post simply “awful” and proof that Sibley was correct.

My parents were peasant immigrants from Eastern Europe and I traveled there several times. I stood in food lines, and ran from tear gas, water cannons, and the riot police who broke up our anti-Soviet demonstrations. In spite of the Soviet Union’s awesome power, I shared with fellow Poles cherished moments of freedom. We gathered over rye bread and butter, tomatoes and onions, and of course vodka, and we told anti-state jokes and sang inspirational songs like “Musimy Siac.” I do not remember experiencing in Poland the penetration of Big Brother’s scathing gaze into every nook and cranny of private life. I do not remember feeling that Big Brother was not one, remote, alien, communist state, a monolith that I and every decent person I knew was united in resisting, but, rather, that Big Brother operated the thousands of pairs of eyes of the people standing next to me, including people I had previously trusted to be above transparent ideological manipulation. That these people, strangers and friends, were insisting, not that I be good. No. Goodness is not a goal, here. Rather, these thousands of eyes rake me and demand that I confess that I am bad, privileged and bad, incurably bad, that I am bad when I read bedtime stories to a child; that I am racist when I seek soy sauce in the “ethnic foods” aisle in the supermarket; when I purchase Trader Joe’s salsa; when I struggle to discover objective truth; and when I conclude that 2 + 2 = 4. These thousands of Big Brother’s little helpers insist that I am “dangerous,” “threatening,” “hurtful,” white supremacist, imperialist, homophobic and transphobic when I look at birds. If I don’t agree to these absurdities, if I resist them at all, even to denounce racism, sexism, homophobia, and other hatred, I must be slandered. I must jettison any hope of rational discourse. I must enter an upside-down world where hate is diversity and speech is violence and celebrity princelings and princesses like David Sibley, Amy Tan and the ladies of Chevy Chase lecture poor people on our “privilege.” I must risk being made unemployable, and being doxed and punished and torn by a mob of online hyenas. I experienced nothing like those feelings in communist Poland. This horror is new to me, here in Woke America.

Danusha Goska is the author of God through Binoculars: A Hitchhiker at a Monastery


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Honestly, I made it halfway through that article and had to stop. That is the definition of "looking for a fight". When my son was first diagnosed with autism and I joined some Facebook support groups I kept hearing all these horror stories being treated poorly in public. Since my son was still the same kid before the diagnosis he had always acted as himself in public and we had never had any negative run-ins. So I asked another mom I knew locally if I was off-base in suspecting that some of these people were out looking to be offended. She knew some of these online personalities personally (it was a sort-of local group) and she just rolled her eyes and said, "yes". People being curious or unsure of how to act when your kid is having a behavioural issue is not surprising nor a sign of being judged. Or, it only seems like everyone is staring when things are going down. The reality is, people probably aren't thinking about you at all. They have their own problems. These guys could just go out and birdwatch and stop being so insecure. Or, as I truly suspect, stop trying to bully others by manipulating otherwise kind and friendly people. No one wants to be seen as hateful. Birders aren't typically the "cool" people of the world so these communists are trying to make no place safe or comfortable and they probably think the awkward types are more easily pushed around.

I downloaded a free bird-watching science unit to do for homeschool so I guess I am just going to be radicalizing my own children with the evils of appreciating the beauty of God's creation around them. :book:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


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Why don't these lunatics go ahead and make it easy by declaring that everything in the entire world, or better yet the entire universe, is racist, imperialist, and homophobic, and get it over with. :doh This is where it's headed so be done with it and move on to some other insane Marxist-woke nonsense because I'm sick to death of this one!


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Why don't these lunatics go ahead and make it easy by declaring that everything in the entire world, or better yet the entire universe, is racist, imperialist, and homophobic, and get it over with. :doh This is where it's headed so be done with it and move on to some other insane Marxist-woke nonsense because I'm sick to death of this one!
Maybe that is the point. We are supposed to live in our pods in urban centres and nature is only for the glorious elites to travel in. Bird watching is racist so us dirty poors can't go into the woods to look at them.