Bill to create separate Russian internet gets first approval

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MOSCOW (AP) — The lower house of Russia’s parliament has passed the first reading of a bill to create a self-standing Russian segment of the internet.

Supporters say the proposal is necessary in case Russia was to be cut off from the global internet, but opponents fear the measure would lead to widespread censorship.

The bill proposes that all internet traffic to users be routed through servers in Russia — making VPNs (virtual private networks) ineffective. It also establishes an arm of the state communications watchdog to provide traffic control and routing.

Lyudmila Bokova, an upper house member who proposed the legislation, on Tuesday cited concerns that Russia could be cut off if the United States uses its new cybersecurity doctrine offensively.

Critics say the bill would create an internet firewall similar to China’s.


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Oh yeah, in fear of the US cutting them off, they are making that an excuse to cut themselves off.

This is straight out of the Soviet playbook from the Communist era. Cut off the population from outside news sources so they are easier to control.

This is Putin. First he killed off all the newspaper and other media news people who were critical of him, and now he is engaging in part 2 of the process, eliminate outside news from leaking in. But make it palatable to the uneducated ignorant peasantry by invoking the American boogeyman. It's not PUTIN cutting you off, good Russian people, PUTIN is protecting you from those who would attack Mother Russia.