Bill Gates is going to dim the sun for all of us. Isn't that special.

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Good grief....they've already been doing this since around 2000. They are called chemtrails. People have had their heads down looking at their phones for so long, they never look up to see what’s in the sky. By now, however, not many remember what normal clouds and sky look like. I guess I won’t be called a conspiracy nut anymore for trying to point them out...or at least shouldn’t be. I’ve noticed that when the elites have been doing anything nefarious for a long while.....they announce their "new" plans about their "new actions" years later, as if they are novel. The only thing "new" now, is they are not hiding anything from us anymore...everything is "coming out"...gays and wicked plans.

In L.A. We forgot what they looked like back in the '50's.
And stars? What are those?

That's one huge thing I noticed coming back to Minnesota. The clouds. They're normal! The weather is pretty normal, too.

When I was in Missouri, I noticed the clouds didn't look right, and incoming weather patterns often didn't agree with what the clouds, wind, temperature, and humidity said. Lots and lots of chem trails. Also a lot of military air traffic. And a lot of air and water pollution.

The stars and other celestial objects and phenomena are a lot brighter and prettier in Minnesota, too, especially when it gets really cold (and clear).

I have noticed the northern lights aren't quite as vivid as they once were, though. I'm guessing light pollution more than anything else because they're definitely brighter when facing away from houses with outdoor lights on. Haven't gone to a dark open space when they're visible to test my theory . . .
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The stars and other celestial objects and phenomena are a lot brighter and prettier in Minnesota, too, especially when it gets really cold (and clear).
I remember my first dose of 'stars' down in remote Baja far far away from civilization. They were so thick it felt like you were being wrapped in them. It also struck me for the first time that I wasn't the only pebble on the beach, there had to be a hand greater than our politics or evolutionary processes (I was raised in an atheistic home) running the show.
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Could it be that the reason a loaf of bread will cost a day's wages will be because of this plan?
Perhaps there will be so little grain able to be harvested, that the price of a loaf will be quite dear?

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According to the film, Agenda, if our carbon dioxide got any lower it would lead to masisve kill-off of plant life. The more CD, the more prolific plant life. It is actually ice and cold that's the enemy of life. The tropics are hot and uncomfortable, but people cannot keep their yards mowed there, plant life is so virulent and prolific. The reason they can scare liberals with Global Warming is their claim that some shorefront condos would be flooded.

According to the film Agenda, we are at the lowest level ever of Carbon Dioxide.

The claim by Gates reminds me of the passage in Joshua:

Joshua 10:13: "On the day the LORD gave the Amorites over to Israel, Joshua said to the LORD in the presence of Israel: "O sun stand still, over Gibeon, O moon, over the Valley of Aijalon." So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar." This was the longest day ever.

Another passage in the Bible that contains a sun dimming or change is:
When our Lord was on the cross, at a certain point clouds rolled in and blocked out sunlight and the ground became dark. This was because the Father's heart was being broken watching his only begotten Son die, He had to block the scene from His sight, as if holding His hand out to block the scene. Jesus cries out, "why hath thou forsaken me?". Up until then Jesus had never been out of the sight of the Father. The pain of that scene, for both parties, is the most heart rending in the Bible, I think. I cry when reading it, I feel Jesus' pain, as much as humanly possible.
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Gates has a huge ego that is dimming his spiritual discernment but I don't think he is capable of dimming the sun.
You're right about that. Only the One who created it is capable of doing anything like that. And, of course, He's going to cause the sun not to give its full light in the tribulation. Rev. 8:12


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God could not look upon His Son because His Son bore the sins of every human to ever inhabit the earth.
God is so holy He cannot look at sin.
I agree, His heart was probably breaking at the same time........ but, that was not the reason He took His eyes off
of His Son.
God cannot look at us or our sin still, except if we are hidden in Jesus Christ ........... and He is our covering.