Bill for term limits for Israeli prime minister fails to pass


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Bill for term limits for Israeli prime minister fails to pass
Lapid, Liberman tell Post they're "disappointed" and "frustrated"
Published: MAY 23, 2022

The deadline for passing Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar’s bill that would limit prime ministers to eight years in office expired on Monday without the controversial legislation passing into law. Sa’ar revealed the bill with great fanfare in October 2021. He succeeded in passing it in every reading in the Knesset plenum and in committee, except one by March.

However, former coalition chairwoman Idit Silman defected to the opposition, which doomed the bill. As a change to the Basic Law, it required the support of 61 MKs, and the coalition now numbers only 60. The Joint List was willing to support it from the opposition, but the Likud decided to turn the final reading into a vote of confidence in the current government, and the Joint List did not agree to endorse the government.

“It’s very frustrating,” Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid told The Jerusalem Post at Monday’s Yesh Atid faction meeting. “When we saw we were losing our majority, we saw this could happen. But we won’t give up on enacting term limits – if not now, then later.”