Biden’s recognition of Armenian Genocide shows Turkey’s fading influence


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Biden’s recognition of Armenian Genocide shows Turkey’s fading influence
Previous US presidents have avoided using the term ‘genocide’ out of fear of angering key NATO ally
APRIL 23, 2021

US President Joe Biden’s expected recognition of the Ottoman Empire’s mass killings of Armenians as genocide is a sign of Turkey’s waning influence over Washington, analysts told The Media Line. Biden is expected to make the recognition on Saturday, Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, according to US reports, which cited unnamed officials. Turkey’s foreign minister told a local news channel that such a move would harm relations with the United States. That sentiment was echoed by Turkey’s main opposition party, The Republican People’s Party, in a statement released on Thursday, denouncing the possible move by Biden. “This is unjust, unwarranted and inappropriate. We do not accept this characterization,” the party said in its statement. Turkey, where many revere the Ottoman Empire, accepts that Armenians were killed but has long refuted equating the deaths with genocide. “Genocide recognition is going to be a large blow to the Turkish government,” said Berk Esen, an assistant professor of political science at Sabancı University in Istanbul.