Biden’s Nuclear Drag Queen Stole Women’s Clothing


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I think I had looked this germ up a while back. You can tell, just by looking at him that he is debauched. And his salary is paid by hard working Americans.
I cant stand to look at Richard Levine and the disgrace he brings to a uniform.

It's a sad time for this nation that men like this are allowed high government positions.
Why is anyone surprised that Sam stole? Once you start doing the *things* that he does in his private life (trying to be family friendly here), I would think nothing short of murder would be off limits.
He truly is a demented soul who steals from hardworking people!


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Hey - you just gave me an idea. “My name is Legion, for we are many”. I wonder whether one or more demons inhabit several members of this administration and its appointees. Maybe they meet by design and discuss strategy. Clues:
Each Cabinet Secretary has not only failed, he/she has utterly eviscerated every operation in their purview. One can so mismanage the prime rate that inflation will be out of control for years. Another in charge of border security gets a wide eyed expression when questioned and his bald head seems to change shape. He tells his agents he has their back while believing horse reins are fifteen feet long bullwhips. Weasel Face I and Weasel Face II are obviously familiar spirits. Other higher ups have faces that many of you who hunt have seen during hunting season. Others of you have visited zoos or have subscriptions to National Geographic. The Secretary of Transportation is a man who develops supply chain issues, airport shutdowns, and infrastructure no one has found. He takes maternity leave or paternity leave depending on self identifying as himself or his/her wife/husband. I’ll bet most of you could not identify a cabinet secretary because their photos are all selfies taken in mirrors where their reflections do not appear. I’ll post about cackling and other inhuman sounds in a separate post.
Cackling sounds…
Unverified. The Vice President has recorded background music in her office produced in a Haitian chicken ranch. Elevator music is generally heard around those whose elevators go to the top floor.
Floating off a mattress…
Unverified. Jill Biden was listening to a Mike Lindell commercial about sheets so fine you will feel you are floating. However, some visitors to the White House have reported Secret Service agents who are seemingly floating without sunglasses, revealing that their eyes were closed.
Guttural sounds…
Verified. These sounds have come from every dog brought into the White House while being walked by the President. Seven guests and four Secret Service agents have died of natural causes. If you have received 45 deep canine wounds to your neck, naturally you are going to die.
Dracula seen prowling the halls…
Watch Paranormal Activities this week for “Vampires: The Undead, or IRS employees?”


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If children are not safe around them , they shouldn't have ANY form of leadership or authority positions.
They obviously have blatant sexual perversion issues which means they have alot of other dark issues.
There is a lifestyle and belief system that comes along with certain sins like homosexuality and transgenderism .
Obiden Inc. put those salacious perverts in those positions simply as a huge middle finger to America and her citizens.
Haughty and arrogant.
Nothing , but children of wrath.
I believe they are mentally disturbed.


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I noticed they mentioned in the article that this particular individual's pronouns are "they" .. logically, how can a single person even have preferred pronouns of "they" which, I'm no grammarian mind you, but the use of they seems to imply more than one single person.

Unless "they" is referring to the multiple demons which inhabit it. If that's the case, than it totally makes sense.
I have never thought of that. There are multiple demons in them so the prefered pronoun is "They". Ugh, the thought of that is so disgusting!


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If this person was chosen based on merit or chosen by a Republican, there would be an outcry so great for his resignation. Since he was chosen because of his perversions and by a Democrat, there is silence. Just like always, the rules don’t apply to them. Just can’t wait to leave this evil place.