Biden’s Brass Now Accusing Lt. Col. Scheller of Helping China


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Biden’s Brass Now Accusing Lt. Col. Scheller of Helping China
By Daniel Greenfield


When Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller went public with his video demanding accountability from Biden’s brass, they did everything they could to silence him. Last month they were accusing him of being mentally ill. Now they’re claiming he’s helping Communist China.

While he has yet to be charged, Marine Corps officials say they consider him a flight risk and believe China may intend to use his comments as propaganda.

He’s a flight risk? So why didn’t he fly away until now? Where exactly do they think a guy who made it clear that he wants to hold the brass accountable going to fly off to?

And, as far as China using his comments as propaganda, the top brass, as documented in Disloyal: How the Military Brass is Betraying Our Country has been more than happy to provide China with a lifetime’s worth of propaganda by falsely accusing the military and the country of systemic racism.

General Milley was willing to assure China that he would warn the Communist regime of any incoming attack, yet Scheller is in the brig because… China could use his comments as propaganda. Not that it’s actually happened, but that it might happen.

Could this obscene farce of a cover-up get any worse?


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:hmmm Biden using his political offices sold favors to the Chinese government in exchange for millions and millions of dollars to enrich his own personal coffers. Milley sold out the entire country to China by telling them he'd let them know in advance if the U.S. was going to make a military strike. And yet, these two treason-committing traitors are not only roaming free, they're actually illegally occupying high offices in our government. :furious In all seriousness, Jesus cannot call His bride home soon enough for me.