Biden to announce $10,000 of student loan forgiveness and repayment pause extension


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There was a large number of young people who voted in the midterms in part because of this loan forgiveness scheme Biden pushed. He knew and his minions knew it was completely unconstitutional but they did it anyway. So yesterday a judge struck it down as unconstitutional. Think about that for a minute…this judge waits to strike it down after all these kids voted Democrat in the election. I’m glad he struck it down but he’s still a day late and a dollar short. Biden got what he wanted namely young people voting for Democrats. I think he knew that this would happen . Essentially, Biden just ran a bait and switch on these young people. Maybe they’ll think before they vote for these Commie cruds again.

Welcome to the real adult world young 'uns.

But yeah, the deceitfulness of Biden is as sad as the fact that so many young people voted for what amounted to a blatant lie. I guess street smarts/real world emotional IQ trumps book learning and wishful thinking.


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Just saw article that judge blocked this on RR news. Thank You Lord!
Hope they continue blocking it, then again he doesn’t follow the rule of law.
I agree with both of you Thank :pray God for judges who are standing up for truth.:thumbup:thumbup It would have been much better had the judge done this before the election to keep young voters from voting for the Democrats.