Biden to announce $10,000 of student loan forgiveness and repayment pause extension


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Our debt of sin wasn't just swiped away. Jesus paid for it. It was paid for with his blood. The penalty for sin still had to be paid for in full. Student loans is asking someone else (usually a poorer someone else) to pay for it. The universities should have paid for it with their endowments.

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The ramifications for all of it is that we will all pay the money in other ways. Free lunch is an illusion.

That being said, college tuition prices are nutso. I am sure it has to do with those ludicrously padded pensions all the professors receive.

I wish my Dad got something from when he taught at the U, but since he was an adjunct, nope, nada, nothing, zilch . . .
Some places take care of their professors and staff, and others not so much, but "no one" takes care of adjuncts, who carry a lot of the teaching weight.

Tuition isn't just about education, anymore :frown

Horrific research costs (wish none of the research was satanic/PC). Lots of good things have come out of academic research projects (including some done by students), though, so I'm not upset about this, other than the PC and politics that happen.

However . . .

Ridiculous sports program funding, including coaches' salaries :apostasy :furious :rant :mad :wild :frust

College sports, especially men's football and basketball are BIGBusiness
Nothing amateur about them anymore :apostasy :furious :rant :mad :wild :frust :cry
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Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
What about the students who went to tech schools, etc? I mean, they only attended for a year or two, paid for it out of their own
pockets, AND, actually got jobs when they graduated................. why should their loans not be paid???
If their loans are the right kind of Federal loans, they will be, too. It's not just college/university students that get these loans.

Some Vo-Tech grads' loans are paid for (or helped) by unions or business when they meet certain requirements :smile

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Here's an important point to remember: the debt will not be gone; it will just be transferred from those who received the loan to those who didn't.

Exactly. And to those in this thread that will benefit, I understand why you are happy and relieved. I honestly don't know how I would react if I were suddenly to get something for free that most other people will not. Be glad you are one of the lucky few, most of us are not that fortunate and will have to pay for some portion of the total bill that comes due.

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
The thing is, the recipients as well as the rest of us who pay taxes will pay for this over the next however many years.

Fortunately, by Biden's math, our cost will be zero tho. So there's that.
First, there was math. Then new math came along and math became old math. Then we got culturally sensitive math, then PC math, and then fuzzy math that doesn't require correct answers to get credit. Now there's Biden Math (BM) :yikes

Can't we just go back to plain ole regular math? :tappingfoot Puh-leeeeeze?!!!


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Biden to announce $10,000 of student loan forgiveness and repayment pause extension

President Joe Biden will reportedly announce an order to excuse $10,000 of student loans for many while also extending the repayment pause.

The Associated Press reported that three sources confirmed the student loan forgiveness plan. They claimed that the forgiveness program would be limited to those who earn less than $125,000 a year.

The current moratorium on student loan repayment implemented during the pandemic was scheduled to expire next week, but under the new plan, it will be extended into January.

Total U.S. student debt has grown from $516 billion in 2007 to $1.6 trillion in 2022. One third of the more than 43 million Americans with federal student debt owes only $10,000, while more than half owes less than $20,000.

According to an analysis of the plan by the Penn Wharton Budget Model think thank at the University of Pennsylvania, the plan would cost roughly $300 billion. The analysis also said "about 70 percent of debt relief accrues to borrowers in the top 60 percent of the income distribution."

The progressive wing of the Democrat party has excoriated Biden for promising to forgive student debt and then failing to do so once he got into office. In February, left-wing activists accused the president of being "extremely classist and racist" for not following through with the demand that he forgive $50,000 of student debt per borrower.

"They are in service to an ideological moderatism that doesn't align with the base of the party or with the views of a rising electorate that is younger & less white," said activist Bree Newsome at the time.

Republicans meanwhile have derided any student loan forgiveness plan for helping the privileged with the taxpayer money from regular Americans.

"If the Biden Administration goes through with this, they will be taking money from plumbers and electricians to pay the debts of lawyers and academics," tweeted Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.). LIST - TheBlaze Breaking News
Just saw article that judge blocked this on RR news. Thank You Lord!


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I understand the desire to redistribute wealth. To concentrate it is deadly for a nation.

So lets start by impoverishing politicians who took from the masses voting for themselves and not the betterment of the public.


Blood bought child of the King of kings.
We'll also pay in the long wrong because of the promotion of socialism that this promotes.
That is correct. This student debt relief is all about socialism . Laying more ground work.
Lazy people support socialism.
Rebellious people support socialism .
Nefarious , corrupted politicians support socialism.
Delusional people support socialism.
And on and on...
Why would anyone in their right mind support socialism?
They wouldn't.
Socialism is a means of control. Period.


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There was a large number of young people who voted in the midterms in part because of this loan forgiveness scheme Biden pushed. He knew and his minions knew it was completely unconstitutional but they did it anyway. So yesterday a judge struck it down as unconstitutional. Think about that for a minute…this judge waits to strike it down after all these kids voted Democrat in the election. I’m glad he struck it down but he’s still a day late and a dollar short. Biden got what he wanted namely young people voting for Democrats. I think he knew that this would happen . Essentially, Biden just ran a bait and switch on these young people. Maybe they’ll think before they vote for these Commie cruds again.