Biden to announce $10,000 of student loan forgiveness and repayment pause extension


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Unfortunately this impacts us dearly but I see it pro and con.

Pro is that God's grace He use this fraud leader of USA to answer my prayers concerning student loans that I am struggling to paid off jobless and unsuccessfully able to get a job or to go back to school and complete.

Con is this that the nation of USA of left and right is learning about this and responding to it. I see this action is going to continually, on purpose, to make it impossible to undo all of the decisions and it's seems like parallel to book of Genesis with Joseph in Egypt through book of Exodus with God freeing His children of Israel from the hand of Egyptians.

All of this ongoing in USA is in extremely slow motion compared to how fast we can read and fantom from His scripture. Aren't we this close to passively to eat crickets decided by elites? Seems as if God signals John the Baptist moments of making way for the Lord Jesus.

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;
Titus 2:13 KJV


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Ok I watch my few favorite shows mostly on the off channels like ME TV, Quest, and Dabl which I see these commercials for quick loans, get cash for your car titles and specialty credit cards. Notice how they advertise them to make it sound like your getting free cash. I guess it’s like the saying there’s a sucker born every minute.

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Easy to promise to pay when you have no money. Our leaders are dumping money into Ukraine because they're robbing us blind. By the time the piper comes to call they will be long gone. I'm going to invent my own currency and call it the owlie ( loonie is better?) and I promise 2 bajillion of them to you if you let me pick who you marry, where you'll work, what you'll eat and what the colour of your pod will be. I'm thinking something in the plaid variety....but with neon colours.
Maple Leaf Tartan :lol

Wonder what it looks like after being buried for 35 years? (Act of Proscription 1747-1782 - weathered pattern)
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Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
So, one can only get ONE student loan forgiveness during a lifetime. Does this mean that all the other student loan forgiveness programs like TEACH and PSLF are gone? If so, a lot of people are in for a very ugly surprise, and this miniscule forgiveness will be looked at by the writers of history as a stroke of genius to avoid $trillions in forgiveness down the road. People on these programs need to look carefully, and maybe reject this if there is no provision in the new law.


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What he's doing is anything to throw as much money away as possible to tank the system. He doesn't care where it goes. Just empty the coffers. It's not going to make sense. So don't expect it to add up. He's throwing it out the window. The man is evil and those around him.

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My two sons graduated from college, and the loans they took out were paid off within 2 years of graduating. I took on about 75 percent of their college costs, but I did not take any loans, and painstakingly wrote checks every semester for both colleges. Gee, I wonder if my kids and I can get a rebate for being responsible for our own college costs????.:oops::0_O:mad::lol

I'm sure the enemies of our country would consider that. The more money the govmint throws around the sooner we'll all be baggers with few to beg from.

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I couldn’t afford college. My parents didn’t have the money and wouldn’t help me get a loan. The college I did complete was during my time as a single dad with a full-time job. How can this be happening? How can he have the authority to do this? These were loans signed by the borrower who agreed to pay back the debt. I didn’t sign anything. Why should I have to pay for everyone else’s choice to go into debt? This feels especially painful to me for some reason.

Yes, it does because it is the most unfair thing I've seen besides affirmative action. I worked full time during college so I could pay as I went. Silly me.

This really bugged me --on FB someone posted a meme saying Christians should not be upset about this. After all, didn't Jesus come pay all our debts for us?

I said well no, it's not the same thing, Jesus offers the same free gift and forgiveness of debt to everyone, not just certain college students at a certain time. :confused:


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So I totally get the concern around this decision. However I graduated in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic with 20k student loan debt. It just so happens apparently if you took pell grant during the the financial aid process you can qualify up to 20k student loans forgiveness and not just 10k.

So basically as it stands my entire student loans might get swept completely. Should I be glad? Concerned? Both?

Im just going to thank Jesus that’s 20k less I have to pay, and pray for the future of this nation and His soon return before the system tanks lol.


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Here's an important point to remember: the debt will not be gone; it will just be transferred from those who received the loan to those who didn't. And worse, it's being transferred to our children, and their children, for only God knows how many generations.
I agree with this for the most part. But I always felt like the government has money they take from people than we all think.

I respect this nation, but also the system is almost always rigged to make people to take loans and not train anyone on how they even work.

I thank God for my college education but if I’m being completely honest, it did not prepare me for my professional work (Tech Auditor, I was trained everything at work). Universities also doesn’t teach you in no kind of way how to take a mortgage, Car financing, how retirement plans work etc. They require you to take classes like “Art appreciation” but intentionally neglect these important topics so you end up on debt with no wisdom how to navigate.

Yes I can educate myself, but learning the ins and out of mortgaging, the right retirement plans, and these other day to day critical life things takes time. I got out of college thinking why was there no classes to teach me all this? Now I have to make the time outside of my full time job to self educate.

My point is this, there is so much money I paid for certain classes during my first 2 years of college that I never used right now. I was an IT major, why learn about Art, Nutrition, and even Government/History (I had already taken classes in high school for 4 years on these and didn’t learn anything new in college). Meanwhile they omit critical life classes as those I mentioned earlier and leave me completely ignorant when it comes to buying a house, planing for retirement etc.

It’s a win win for the government, more time in college for me, more money for them. Less wisdom I know, the easier they can benefit off me.

So when I heard my student loans were being canceled I was sort of relieved. Now obviously I don’t know the ramifications of that is, let’s hope other people are not detrimentally affected by it.

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IMO, this loan cancellation will be challenged by the GOP, and could easily make its way to the Supreme Court. I also believe that the President does not have executive power to cancel loans, which will cost the goverment hundreds of billions of dollars. The Supreme Court will probably rule against Biden, because only congress can pass such a huge spending program.


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So when I heard my student loans were being canceled I was sort of relieved. Now obviously I don’t know the ramifications of that is,
The ramifications for all of it is that we will all pay the money in other ways. Free lunch is an illusion.

That being said, college tuition prices are nutso. I am sure it has to do with those ludicrously padded pensions all the professors receive.