Biden Sends Gitmo’er Who Plotted to Smuggle Nukes into US Back to Pakistan


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Biden Sends Gitmo’er Who Plotted to Smuggle Nukes into US Back to Pakistan
Paracha wanted “to help al-Qaida ‘do something big against the US.’”
By Daniel Greenfield

Here are the media’s predictably dishonest and misleading headlines.

The U.S. releases the oldest prisoner in Guantánamo Bay – NPR

U.S. releases Guantanamo’s oldest prisoner after almost 18 years – NBC News

The story is Paracha’s age, as if it’s the main topic, rather than Biden continuing Obama’s mission of releasing Gitmo’s Jihadi population into the wild.

None of the stories mention why Paracha was held in Gitmo, only that “he was never changed with a crime”. That part is true since Gitmo inmates weren’t criminals and the process of detaining them and interrogating them made it all but impossible to put most of them through any kind of trial. Combine that with the number of lawyers and foreign enemy governments working on their behalf and the subversion of the Article III system and that was a lost cause.

I wrote about Paracha, listing simple basic facts that not a single media story has chosen to mention.

Saifullah Paracha was a Pakistani businessman and New York travel agent with some big plans. The Gitmo inmate now being set loose by Biden wanted to “do something big against the US.”

9/11 was in Al Qaeda’s rearview mirror and its mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, was plotting a sequel. The Gitmo dossier for Paracha first details a plan to use his “textile business to smuggle explosives into the US” and these “ready-made explosives, specifically C4” would go into shipping containers full of “women and children’s clothing”.

Shipping Al Qaeda’s C4 to America would be more lucrative than dumping sweatshop labor sweatpants because “if al-Qaida used detainee’s textile company for shipping explosives to the US, he would likely be paid additional money beyond the standard shipping fees”. No word on whether there would have been a bonus for every American blown up.

And then things escalated from there with testimony that Paracha allegedly claimed that he, “believed he could obtain unspecified chemicals from Chinese sources”. The fellow he was talking to about the unspecified chemicals, Ammar al-Baluchi, one of the few Gitmo Jihadis whom neither Obama nor Biden had managed to release yet, had helped out the 9/11 hijackers with flight simulators, and manuals, and allegedly chatted with Mohammed Atta.

After 9/11, Al-Baluchi was looking at all sorts of plans for crashing planes into things, like the American consulate in Karachi or London’s Heathrow airport, but there were other options on the table. The nature of the chemicals out of China was never specified, but the KSM lieutenant believed they were” chemical or biological agents” that could be used “as a weapon”.

Paracha reportedly advised Al Qaeda that “one should look for a similar looking chemical and put it in between the good chemicals and it would be very easy to get [through] customs.” With his business experience, he could offer Al Qaeda tips on smuggling such as warning them about the “radiological sensors at ports or places of entry into the US” that would make it difficult to smuggle radioactive materials into the country”.

But Biden’s newest charity case wanted something bigger. The dossier describes the 9/11 mastermind’s associate and Paracha chatting about Al Qaeda getting some “radiological or nuclear items several times” because Paracha wanted “to help al-Qaida ‘do something big against the US.’”

Paracha “also discussed nuclear attacks and attacks against nuclear power plants” and had an idea for “al-Qaida to attack a nuclear power plant”.

This information comes directly from government documents. The media could mention it by way of explanation while denying that it was true. Yet not a single news story mentions why he was being held for so long at Gitmo.

That speaks for itself.