Biden says chemical attack on Ukraine would spur ‘response in kind’


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Biden says chemical attack on Ukraine would spur ‘response in kind’
NATO has ‘never been more united,’ US president says, noting that Putin is banking on a divided alliance; Zelensky warns of ‘real’ threat of Russia turning to chemical weapons
By AFP and TOI staff
24 March 2022

US President Joe Biden said Thursday that a chemical weapon attack on Ukraine would “trigger a response in kind” by NATO, but did not offer additional details. Speaking to journalists at a press conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Biden said a decision on what that response would look like would not be made until such an attack occurs, if it does.

“You’re asking if NATO would cross… we’ll make that decision at the time,” he said. Biden asserted that NATO has “never been more united” after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, though Russian President Vladimir Putin was banking on a divided alliance.

Earlier Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned there is a “real” threat that Moscow will use chemical weapons in Ukraine, accusing Russia of having already used phosphorus bombs against civilians in the country.



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Biden’s full of talking isn't he.
It takes a lot of time to make a speech when you have to repeatedly change your message in mid sentence to avoid your first thought which would have been dumber than your revised thought. Also I have noticed that the same hypnotic drowsiness I experience when trying to decipher his word salads is apparently impacting his own ability to mumble his same useless talking points. Am I the only one who wishes he would take a pratfall getting off Air Force One (now known as Jet Lag One) just to spark a little excitement?