Biden on Kabul suicide bombings: 'We will hunt you down and make you pay'


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Biden on Kabul suicide bombings: 'We will hunt you down and make you pay'
Terror group ISIS-K claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing attacks near Kabul airport that have killed over 70 civilians and 13 US troops.
AUGUST 27, 2021

At least 60 Afghans and 13 US servicemen have been killed in a suicide bombing carried out by ISIS at the Kabul airport, US officials confirmed Thursday night. The terror group ISIS-K have claimed responsibility for the deadly double attack, the group's Amaq News Agency said on its Telegram channel. President Joe Biden, his voice breaking with emotion, vowed on Thursday the United States would hunt down those responsible for twin explosions at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan and said he asked the Pentagon to develop plans to strike back at them.

Biden spoke hours after the blasts killed at least a dozen American troops and scores of civilians, the worst day of casualties for US forces there in a decade. "We will not forgive, we will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay," Biden said in remarks at the White House. He promised US evacuations would continue. He gave no indication of a change in next Tuesday's US pullout target. "I have also ordered my commanders to develop operational plans to strike ISIS-K assets, leadership and facilities. We will respond with force and precision at our time, at the place we choose and the moment of our choosing," Biden said.



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The members of Isis K don’t care about your threats Joe. They might be ignorant flea bitten pagans fresh from the cave but they can spot a weakling fool from 6,938 miles away.
Joe, they have your lunch money and you have a wedgie so bad that your shorts are over your forehead. Please step down now.



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Maybe that's why that pallet of cash was left. Hmm.

I wouldn,t be surprised. I can,t figure out why they left all that military hardware intact. Why leave it for those bent on evil. Like I heard on talk radio a couple of days ago, drop a “mother of all bombs” on the airfields where all that stuff had first been pre-positioned to render them useless. No, instead, it was left operational for the bad guy cockroaches to commandeer and use for their terrorist activities, probably under bungling Joe's request.