Biden moves forward with missile deal to Israel despite progressive opposition


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Biden moves forward with missile deal to Israel despite progressive opposition
State Department grants Boeing commercial license for $735 million sale of precision-guided missiles despite attempts by some Democrats to pass resolutions blocking the move
By Jacob Magid

The Biden administration has moved forward with the sale of up to $735 million in precision-guided missiles to Israel despite attempts from progressive Democrats in Congress aimed at blocking the weapons deal. The State Department on Friday granted the Boeing weapons manufacturer a commercial license to sell Joint Direct Attack Munitions and Small Diameter Bombs to Israel, a congressional aide told The Times of Israel, confirming a Jewish Currents report. The State Department said it does not comment on such matters.

While the Biden administration had formally notified Congress of the sale on May 5, it was not publicized until four days later after the Washington Post broke the story. At a subsequent meeting of Democrats on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, several progressive lawmakers claimed to have been unaware of the notification and also voiced their fierce opposition to it, according to a congressional aide. Some insisted that at the very least the sale be delayed and used as leverage to coax Israel into a ceasefire with Hamas, as the sides were then in the midst of the latest round of fighting, which ended last Thursday after 11 days.



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Because of policy changes or the coming inflation?
My thought would be Biden's policies for sure. He is speaking out of both sides of his mouth regarding Israel and already showing he does not have the intestinal fortitude to back Israel in the face of their enemies nor to stave off his far left counterparts.
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This absentee President does not have the intestinal fortitude to face his handlers after answering a question he was told to dodge. When Israel declared its independence in 1948, the surrounding Arab nations declared war immediately. Israel was practically weaponless. They bought everything from machine guns to warplanes from Czechoslovakia. Israel has always been aware that support from America is subject to the foibles of the party in power. Joe not only talks out of both sides of his mouth, he can't remember which side he used last.