Biden endorses plan to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets -officials


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Possible but I think Ukraine is going to be another Afghanistan.

As long as the West keeps bankrolling and providing material assistance it will be. I don't doubt the valor of the Ukrainian people one bit but IMHO, without the simply massive aid and technical assistance being given to Ukraine Russia would have steam rolled them by now.

The Russian leadership cares not one bit how many young Russian lives it would cost them and they have the advantage of a populace that is not allowed to protest one bit unless they want to get shipped off to the front lines or the modern gulag equivalent.

Thankfully for Ukraine, Russia really IS fighting a proxy war with NATO.

The military industrial complex and stock market would probably love this war to go on for decades. It's a veritable goldmine for all the heartless folks who profit from war.


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He's a snake. I saw a political cartoon not long ago (that curiously no longer comes up with a google search) that shows him snorting up donation money and plastic army men with a dollar bill as if he were snorting a line of cocaine
Reading your comment and all of the comments made me wonder....

Is this part of the 'stage setting' prior to the Trib? Or prior to the Ezekiel war?
If the US is short of weapons, it could not defend itself or help Israel.