Biden Cracks Jokes About Ice Cream During Bizarre Remarks on Nashville School Shooting


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Because Biden obviously has dementia, he is incapable of having class or manners. He can’t be held responsible for his behavior because he no longer has a fully functional mind.

Disgraceful and tragic that he is our President. And what about his wife? How can she go along with this farce? As someone else said, this amounts to elder abuse. I actually feel sorrow for him. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I do.
As to “Dr” Jill (she’s the only person I’ve heard of insisting on that honorific for earning what is a glorified Master’s degree), she loves being First Lady and wants her 8 years at it. One thing I will say about most First Ladies is that they appreciated the privilege of being First Lady but didn’t glory in it. Some like Eleanor Roosevelt used her time to help her husband and do useful projects. Some like Jackie Kennedy were productive in renovating the public rooms and garden of the White House and brought a touch of class to the White House (which in her quiet way Melania Trump tried to do but was ridiculed at every turn). Some like Lady Bird Johnson made highway beautification her mission, Barbara and Laura Bush cared about literacy. Michelle Obama cared about healthy eating and that White House vegetable garden was impressive-even though her husband wasn’t my cup of tea as president. I think Jill’s role is to keep Joe from falling off the Truman Balcony and from any other harm. She must be beyond tired of all this and she needs to ask herself is this worth it?


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I don’t see how without some underhanded help. There is no way that he got more votes than Obama and that’s what they are claiming plus Trump got more votes than he did the first time around.
Bound to be fraud too much evidence.


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He is a disgrace to what was once a strong nation until he weakened it deliberately to bring in the globalist agenda. He has no class to joke about ice cream at a sad serious time of what happened to these children and adults who lost their lives. He needs manners!
He also needs Jesus. Don't care for the man as President at all but praying if possible for him to still make a competent decision that he will come to know Jesus while he still can.