Biden Confuses the Vice President with His Wife


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Biden Confuses the Vice President with His Wife
The charade is increasingly unfunny.
By Robert Spencer

As PJM’s Matt Margolis noted recently, the nation’s Second Guy, Doug Emhoff, the husband of Kamala Harris, has COVID-19, but at this point that means a bad cold for most people, and Emhoff should be back doing whatever he does in the next few days. Meanwhile, Old Joe Biden has given us new evidence of the obvious fact that he is not all there, for when he announced that Emhoff had come down with the China bug, he described him as “the First Lady’s husband” — which would be Old Joe himself — and only noticed what he had said when someone off-camera stopped him and told him. Yes, this is the man who was formerly known as the leader of the free world, but he is not a leader and the free world isn’t all that free anymore.

At an event on “Equal Pay Day” (which was last Tuesday) to celebrate Women’s History Month, Biden said, “Look at the stage. There’s been a little change in the arrangement of who’s on the stage, because of, the first lady’s husband, uh, contracted COVID, but, uh, look at this room and what you see.”

At that point the First Lady said something to Joe which the wonks transcribe as “inaudible.” Biden didn’t hear her, either, and said, “Pardon?” Jill Biden tried to correct the old man but for some reason gave up quickly: “You said the First — anyways.”

The available video shows that the assembled crowd of far-Left feminists thought this was the funniest thing they’d heard since the last Stephen Colbert monologue, and roared with laughter. Even Old Joe picked up on the hilarity of the moment and tried to ride it, grinning wryly and saying, “That’s right. She’s fine.” More roars of laughter. He must have been thinking he was a veritable Joe E. Lewis (that’s a comedian from Biden’s salad days, kids). The president of the United States doesn’t know the vice president from his wife! What could be funnier?

Biden plowed on with one of the handful of absolutely true statements he has made in a decades-long career of lies great and small: “It’s me that’s not together,” he said, and boy oh boy, Joe, you can say that again. Then he proved it by once again wrongly identifying who exactly he was trying to talk about then quickly correcting himself: “The Second La— the First Gentleman.” This got still more laughs, and really, what could be funnier than an old man deep in the throes of dementia trying to pretend to be president of the United States? “How about that,” Joe concluded. How about that indeed.

This is the same Joe Biden who, on March 4, asked: “How did we get to the place where, you know, Putin just decides he’s gonna invade Russia? Something like this hasn’t happened since World War II.” This is the same Biden who declared in his State of the Union address that “Putin may encircle Kyiv with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.” This is the same Biden who, in those same remarks on Equal Pay Day, called his ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, “Linda Thomas Greenhouse.”

Even when Biden gets something right, he sometimes thinks he’s wrong. Also on Equal Pay Day, Biden introduced his Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, who was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and was governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011, as “Former governor Jennifer Granholm, the Energy Department. I often kid her — and I wasn’t kidding early on when I seeking the nomination. Had she been born in America, she’d be standing here and I’d be sitting there. She’s the former governor of the state of Michigan. Michigan. Wrong. She was a former sta— she was a governor. No, I’m teasing. But we often kidded about it.”

Sure, Joe. Granholm really was governor of Michigan, but in the putative president’s clouded mind, he couldn’t be sure. “She was a governor.” Close enough.

All that struck the crowd as supremely funny as well, and the superannuated reincarnation of Joe E. Lewis was regaled with laughter again and again. But the charade is increasingly unfunny, as is the total indifference of the establishment media, that is, the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, to their front man’s obviously deteriorating mental state. Apparently the political and media elites are so frightened by the prospect of a Kamala Harris presidency that they will keep winding Joe up and sending him out on the stage as long as they possibly can. Meanwhile, the world is on fire because of their puppet’s manifest weakness. And no relief is in sight.

Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.


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But his special interest group supporters (and yes, incredibly, there appear to be quite a few) just laugh. Unbelievable. But based on information Chris posted out of Florida, even registered Democrat voters there are unhappy with some of the things their Party is promoting. As I find myself repeating more and more-- November is sure going to be interesting.

Lovin Jesus

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And Biden says,
"Where am I?"
"Who am I?"
"Jill is that you?"
Then Kamala replies with...

This administration deserve each other. They are a disaster waiting to happen. How can any of those NATO members even take them seriously? It's no wonder all of the rouge, dictators are having a field day doing whatever they please because "the lights are on but nobody is home".

But Praise be to God Almighty,

"For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves"
Colossians 2:13,
Amen and Amen!


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Joe Biden: “I Think I’m Either Low IQ or Slow — I Don’t Know
Summit News ^ | June 12,2019 | Paul Joseph Watson

Democratic frontrunner tries to own Trump insults by repeating them.

Joe Biden tried to own President Trump’s insults against him by repeating them back to a crowd when he remarked, “I think I’m either low IQ or slow — I don’t know”.

The result was somewhat embarrassing.

“I think I’m either low IQ or slow—I don’t know what I am. Slow Joe Biden? Give me a break,” Biden said. “This is like out of Alice in Wonderland.”

Members of the audience appeared bored, with one looking at his phone and another staring at the floor.

“The first rule of politics is to not reinforce your opponent’s attacks by repeating them,” commented Kyle Olsen. “Despite being in elective politics for the last 50 years, Joe Biden apparently didn’t get that memo.”

Although many refer to Biden as “Creepy Uncle Joe,” Trump seems to prefer “Sleepy Joe,” which is probably a consequence of his “low energy” jibe against Jeb Bush working so well during the last campaign.

(Excerpt)