Biden 'concerned' as China extends military drills around Taiwan


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Biden 'concerned' as China extends military drills around Taiwan
China shelved military talks with the US in protest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taipei l China regards the self-ruled island of Taiwan as its own.
Published: AUGUST 8, 2022

China's military announced fresh military drills in the seas and airspace around Taiwan on Monday, a day after the scheduled end of its largest ever exercises to protest against last week's visit to the island by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. China's Eastern Theatre Command said it would conduct joint drills focusing on anti-submarine and sea assault operations - confirming the fears of some security analysts and diplomats that Beijing would continue to maintain pressure on Taiwan's defenses. Taiwan's foreign ministry condemned the move, saying China, which claims the self-ruled island as its own, was deliberately creating crises. It demanded Beijing stop its military actions and "pull back from the edge."



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China extending military drills makes you wonder if they are considering a blockade of Taiwan. Nothing goes in and nothing comes out. Maybe not but it won't be because they are concerned about Sleepy Joe