Biden Cancels Resources We Need!


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Is this part of the Genesis 12:3 effect in action? Are we not divided, or "cut"?
We are cut and bleeding profusely. Whistle blower border agents have taken pics of pallets of baby formula ready for illegal immigrants, yet the administration has known for months about the shutdown of our major formula producer due to processing violations. Nothing was done to prepare for the shortfall, and nothing is being done to get production restarted. If we are including formula in humanitarian aid overseas, God will honor it. But Americans are suffering now. MUM is the key to upcoming elections: Maga Ultra Moms. When they have spent all day looking for formula only to stand in front of a gasoline pump looking at what they must pay for their fruitless search, this administration had better upgrade its fencing. They can use the materials left on the ground at our southern border. On second thought, no they can’t. That should be this administration’s motto: NO WE CAN’T.

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The Dims in power, racing to destroy the nation while they still can remind me of someone given a shopping cart and told they have 15 mins to fill it with anything they want and it's all free if they get it to the register within those 15 mins.

The Dims and the RINOs... we shouldn't forget the RINOs. The difference between the two is the Dims stab us in the chest while the RINOs stab us in the back.


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What's sad is these leaders all think they'll be the ones getting the prize at the end of this. Most of them will be "disappeared" out of their photos with "Stalin" soon enough. And do they even really know what is going to happen once the west is all torn down? What pie-in-the-sky scenario are they hallucinating about? Their drug dealers must be giving them the good stuff.