Biden assures Afghan President Ghani of continued US support


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Biden assures Afghan President Ghani of continued US support
Biden told Ghani the United States would remain engaged diplomatically "in support of a durable and just political settlement," the White House said.
JULY 24, 2021

With the last US forces on the way out of Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden assured President Ashraf Ghani of US diplomatic and humanitarian support on Friday as Taliban advances piled pressure on the US-backed government in Kabul. In a phone call, Biden and Ghani "agreed that the Taliban’s current offensive is in direct contradiction to the movement’s claim to support a negotiated settlement of the conflict," a White House statement said.

Biden has set a formal end to the US military mission in Afghanistan for August 31 as he looks to disengage from a conflict that started after al Qaeda attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. Violence has risen sharply since the withdrawal plan was announced in April, with the Taliban launching offensives, taking districts and important border crossings, and encircling or closing in on several provincial capitals.


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Imperfect but forgiven
President Ghani's days are likely numbered. Hopefully he has an exit strategy for himself and his family. The way things are going, the Taliban will own Afghanistan not longer after the USA is out of there.