Bible Prophecy Update – January 26th, 2020


On my way up!
I don't know if you have ever heard of this guy (J. D. Farag), but I have only recently been led to watch him on Youtube.
His 45 minute message is somewhat long, but right on point. What he states is exactly what I believe.
I will not post the Youtube link as that is against the rules. :)


Buckled up and ready to Fly!
All my favorite online teachers are Calvary Chapel. I think hubby and I will try the one closest to us this weekend. I love their statement of beliefs but I know the pastor and his sons who are members of the church are musicians and on the worship team. I have a feeling the worship will be like a rock concert. My hubs won't go for that. I may have to resign myself to church on the internet, especially with all you wonderful folks!