Bethsaida: Home town of apostles Peter, Andrew, and Philip discovered


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So many amazing discoveries from the bible lately. I've always wondered if something huge and undeniable of biblical truth would be found just prior to the rapture or trib, such as Noah's Ark or the Ark of the Covenant.
Just exactly what I thought as well.

This as you point out, is not the only discovery this year, let alone in just recent years.

Luke19:40 with more to come, there’s lots of rocks in Israel and the rest of the world.
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They also found a church (Church of the Apostles) that was built over the ruins of Peter and Andrews homes. This church was mentioned in several ancient articles. Skeptics, of course saying it did not exist. But again the stones cry out.

This link is to an alternate site where digging is going on. It claims it is Bethsaida as well. But I do not agree. Worth a look:
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