Bereaved families: Abbas pays money to terrorists thanks to Gantz


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Bereaved families: Abbas pays money to terrorists thanks to Gantz
Families of terrorist victims protest outside Gantz home following his meeting with PA chairman.

The “Choosing Life” forum of bereaved families and victims of terrorism demonstrated on Monday evening outside the home of Defense Minister Benny Gantz, in protest of his meeting last week with Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who continues to pay salaries to families of terrorists who murdered Israelis. "Gantz, thanks to you, Abbas can pay blood salaries to the murderers of our loved ones," read the signs waved by the bereaved families, which also had pictures of those who were murdered, including pictures of the murdered whose families are members of the forum.

Following the meeting between Gantz and Abbas last week, there were reports that the two had reached an agreement that Israel would circumvent the law freezing money that is paid by the PA to terrorists from the funds transferred to it from the Israeli government, which obliges the government to deduct the money the PA pays to the families of the terrorists from the tax funds it collects on behalf of the PA. This would be done by the Bennett-Lapid government making a loan to the PA available in an amount similar to that required by law.