Bennett's Iran strategy: Playing politics or cementing his legacy? - analysis


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Bennett's Iran strategy: Playing politics or cementing his legacy? - analysis
Although Israel whacks at Iran with lots of sticks, the Islamic Republic's tentacles never seem to be severed.
Published: JUNE 8, 2022

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Israel has adopted a new strategy for dealing with Iran, according to reports of his comments. "The past year has seen a strategic change in Israeli policy on Iran,” he said during the session.

This comes in the wake of several incidents in which key Iranian IRGC members have been killed and amid new Iran-Israel tensions over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program. Bennett may be sketching out a new policy, but he is just as likely trying to cement his legacy amid a coalition crisis and using the Iran issue to show off his acumen. The Iran issue dominated the last prime minister and it appears that Bennett also wants to show he can wrangle with the Iranian octopus.

Syrian regime media reported this week that Israel carried out airstrikes near Damascus. Meanwhile, Bennett and IAEA chief Rafael Grossi also met this week. The prime minister wants to turn up pressure on Iran, but Grossi appeared to downplay the meeting. On May 31, Bennett tweeted that “Iran stole classified documents from the UN’s Atomic Agency and used that information to systematically evade nuclear probes. How do we know? Because we got our hands on Iran’s deception plan.”