Bennett's first 100 days were quiet, it's just the beginning


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Bennett's first 100 days were quiet, it's just the beginning
The result is that Israel today feels just a bit more normal. And this is the new government’s greatest achievement in its first 100 days in office.
SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

Avichai Mandelblit has fallen off the radar. The attorney-general – who became one of the Right’s most hated government officials over his decision to indict Benjamin Netanyahu, a decision that drew death threats requiring unprecedented protection – is barely seen or heard from these days. Wondering where he had gone, I logged onto the Jerusalem Post’s internal archive system on Wednesday, and looked up how many times the word “Mandelblit” has appeared in the paper over the last 100 days, since the government was formed on June 13 by Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid.

It was 36. Mandelblit was mentioned in stories about the legality of West Bank outposts, voting on the budget bill, plans to approve an egalitarian plaza at the Kotel, and the ongoing state commission investigation into the Lag Ba’omer disaster at Meron. I then checked the previous three months, from March to June, when Benjamin Netanyahu was still prime minister. “Mandelblit” appeared 62 times in the paper. The three months before that? Fifty-eight times. What were those extra 22-26 stories mostly about? You can guess: Netanyahu’s ongoing corruption trial, Likud attacks against the attorney-general, and the overall weakening of the justice system.