Bennett’s first 100 days: Transitional, not transformational


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Bennett’s first 100 days: Transitional, not transformational
Bennett’s first 100 days have proven the axiom that no one is irreplaceable. Not even Netanyahu.
SEPTEMBER 19, 2021

During US President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office, he pushed through a $1.9 billion COVID relief bill, reached a milestone of 200 million coronavirus shots administered, and issued more executive orders than any other president – overturning, in the process, many of his predecessor Donald Trump’s policies. The Energizer Bunny pace of his first three months in office led pundits to quip that while many thought Biden would be a transitional president – transitioning from Trump to a new generation of Democratic leaders – he set out determined to be a transformational one in the mold of a Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The same, however, cannot be said of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who on Tuesday will mark 100 days as this country’s premier. Few will say that this period has been transformational. Bennett has not set out to undo all that his predecessor, Benjamin Netanyahu, touched, nor has he chalked up a legislative win to rival Biden’s COVID relief bill. Bennett’s first 100 days have, however, been transitional, which is the bar he set for himself.