Bennett weighing ‘alternative’ funding for Gaza instead of Qatari cash


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Bennett weighing ‘alternative’ funding for Gaza instead of Qatari cash
Bennett working to send money to Gaza without allowing Qatar’s suitcases of cash.
SEPTEMBER 12, 2021

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is working on a way for aid money to enter Gaza without being used for terrorism, the Prime Minister’s Office said on Sunday, following reports that Bennett may allow Qatar to send Hamas suitcases of cash as his predecessor did. “As was officially publicized, the Qatari grant to the needy in the Gaza Strip was organized by the UN, with the grant transferred in vouchers [directly to families] and not suitcases of cash as in the past,” the PMO stated.

However, the defense establishment is “examining various alternatives” for the third part of the Qatari donations. “When an appropriate plan is found that ensures the money won’t go to terrorist activities, it will be presented by the defense minister to the prime minister,” the PMO said. “The previous plan will not return. The prime minister will decide his position after the possibilities are presented to him.”