Bennett: We will neither annex nor form a Palestinian state


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Bennett: We will neither annex nor form a Palestinian state
PM tells New York Times ahead of meeting with Biden: This is a "good-will government", I will present new strategy on Iran.
Arutz Sheva Staff , Aug 25 , 2021
Naftali Bennett.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told The New York Times on Tuesday he would oppose American-led attempts to reinstate a lapsed nuclear agreement with Iran and continue Israel’s covert attacks on Iran’s nuclear program. The interview with Bennett, his first with an international news organization since taking office, comes two days before his meeting with US President Joe Biden in Washington. Bennett told the newspaper he would expand communities in Judea and Samaria, declined to back American plans to reopen a consulate for Palestinian Arabs in Jerusalem and ruled out reaching a peace agreement with Palestinian Arabs under his watch.

The Prime Minister stressed that he would use the upcoming meeting with Biden to try to reset the tone of Israel’s relationship with the United States. He said he would seek common ground with the Biden administration on Iran, and promised to arrive at the White House with a new and constructive approach to containing Iran’s nuclear program. “I call it the good-will government,” he said. “There’s a new dimension here — coming up with new ways to address problems, being very realistic, very pragmatic, and being reasonable with friends.”