Bennett: We want partners against Iran but will act either way


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Bennett: We want partners against Iran but will act either way
Referring to a cartoon Netanyahu wielded at the UN General Assembly, Bennett said: “Remember the presentation of my predecessor with the bomb and the redline? Iran passed it long ago.”
SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

Israel wants to work with its allies against Iran, but will stop the Islamic Republic from obtaining a nuclear weapon even if it has to work alone, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in an interview with Channel 12 News on Tuesday. “We presented to our friends in the US a plan of action, as well as to countries in the region, because we’d be happy if, along with our independent actions, our partners will act,” he said. “Either way, the responsibility is here, and we will stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon at any price.”

Asked about his criticisms of former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts against Iran, Bennett said: “The full picture on this matter is a very difficult one of neglect...[but] I believe when there’s a problem, don’t kick the ball to someone else. Inherited or not, we need to solve the problems.”

“The government of Israel inherited a situation in which Iran is at the most advanced point ever in its race to the bomb… The gap between [Netanyahu’s] rhetoric and speeches and actions is very big,” he added.