Bennett warns Hamas: ‘Our patience has run out’


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Bennett warns Hamas: ‘Our patience has run out’
Sporadic rocket fire won’t be tolerated, PM says at memorial event for 2014 war in Gaza; vows to return remains of soldiers held by Hamas since conflict
By TOI staff

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, speaking Sunday at a memorial ceremony for those killed in the 2014 war in the Gaza Strip, sent a message to the Hamas terror group, warning that Israel’s “patience has run out.” In his first public state ceremony since taking over as prime minister, Bennett stressed that the new government would take a more aggressive approach in responding to violence from Gaza. In the week since the new government was installed, Israel has already bombed Gaza twice, in response to incendiary-carrying balloons launched from the Palestinian enclave, which caused large bush fires in border areas.

The simmering violence comes after last month Israel and Gaza clashed for 11 days of fighting, during which Hamas launched thousands of rockets at Israeli cities. Israel responded with hundreds of airstrikes on Hamas targets. “Our enemies will get to know the rules: We will not tolerate violence and a slow drip [of rockets],” Bennett said. “Our patience has run out.”