Bennett to Merkel: 'Palestinian state will create terror state'


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Bennett to Merkel: 'Palestinian state will create terror state'
PM Naftali Bennett, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, hold joint press conference. 'We need to do everything to ensure Iran doesn't acquire nuclear weapons.'
Nitzan Keidar , Oct 10 , 2021
Chancellor Angela Merkel and PM NaftalI Bennett at the press conference.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday held a joint press conference with outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is visiting Israel. Speaking about the Iranian threat, Bennett said that "there is no point in appeasing Iran, [since] for them being conciliatory is weakness. They try to mock the international community and to undermine the stability. We act on a daily basis against the Iranian desire to flood the area with weapons."

Regarding the tensions between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Bennett said, "We are not ignoring the Palestinians. They are not going anywhere." He added: "A Palestinian state will bring about another terror state, seven minutes from my home. I'm a pragmatic person. We do a lot of things on the ground in order to make things easier for everyone."